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Modern Aquarium 6-Piece Aquascaping Tool Set (9.9")

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This complete aquascaping set consists of 6 stainless steel specialty tools:

Straight Scissors

- designed for trimming of new plants before they are planted in your aquarium (trimming down roots that are too long and/or cutting leaves that are dead/unhealthy as well as pruning of plants/leaves growing midwater and near the water surface.

Curved Scissors

- designed for pruning of carpeting plants and plants/leaves growing close to the ground, at a low angle, meaning your hand/palm holding the scissors can get relatively close to the bottom of the aquarium if needed.

Straight Tweezers

- designed for planting thinner and less bushy plants, as well as doing regular maintenance work, like picking up debris and planting root tablets deep into the substarte.

Curved Tweezers

- designed for planting thicker and more bushy plants, as well as doing regular maintenance work, like picking up debris.

Substrate Flattener

- designed to help smooth out unplanted surface areas in your aquarium. It can also become very useful when planting Anubias where only a thin layer of sand over its roots is needed, while keeping the rhizome exposed.

Algae Scraper

- designed to simply and effectively clean algae from your aquarium (standard razor blade not included).