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Modern Aquarium 5-Piece Aquascaping Tool Set (9.9")

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Aquascaping Tool Kit | 5 Piece

Developing a routine to maintain your aquarium and plants is crucial to having a beautifully scaped tank and healthy and thriving aquarium plants. Modern Aquarium’s Aquascaping Set has the tools specifically designed to properly maintain your planted aquarium and they come in different shapes with different features to meet specific aquascaping needs. This aquascaping tool kit has the following 5 high-quality stainless steel specialty aquascaping tools:

  1. Straight Scissors are ideal for trimming new plants before they are planted in the aquarium. They can trim down roots that are too long and cut dead or unhealthy leaves. They can also prune plants and leaves growing midwater and near the water surface.
  2. Curved Scissors, on the other hand, are designed for pruning carpeting plants and plants growing close to the ground. The angle of the scissors allows your hand to get relatively close to the bottom of the aquarium if needed.
  3. Straight Tweezers are great for planting thinner and less bushy plants. They are also helpful for regular maintenance work, like picking up debris and planting root tablets deep into the substrate.
  4. Curved Tweezers are designed for planting thicker and more bushy plants. They are great for reaching behind rocks or around driftwood and other hard-to-reach areas. They are also useful for regular maintenance work, like picking up dead leaves and debris.
  5. Substrate Flattener is a tool that smooths out unplanted surface areas in your aquarium. It is also very useful in new aquascapes when you want to grade or slope the substrate. It is particularly useful after vacuuming substrate leaves the bottom of your aquarium uneven. Substrate flattener will help you to flatten the disturbed substrate in no time. It can also be helpful when planting Anubias, where only a thin layer of sand over its roots is needed while keeping the rhizome exposed.

Why Maintaining Aquarium Plants is Important

Keeping your aquarium plants healthy is a process. Some plants like stem plants, especially fast-growing plants like Hornwort, Wisteria, Anacharis, or Rotala, need to be maintained regularly. They need to be trimmed and thinned out to keep them compact, stop them from growing out of the tank, and encourage new growth. The trimmings may also be replanted creating more lush planting areas. Other plants that produce large leaves such as Anubias, Swords, and certain Ferns will need to have their leaves removed. Leaves that are damaged, dead or dying, or covered by algae can no longer support otherwise healthy plants. By removing them, you will redirect the plant’s energy into producing new and healthy leaves. Carpeting plants such as Staurogyne Repens, Hairgrass, and Baby Tears Dwarf will need to be trimmed as well to keep them short, compact, and looking their best.

Regular maintenance and trimming of your plants is recommended to keep your aquascape looking its best, prevent dead spots where overgrown plants block water from circulating, promote new leaf growth, and keep your plants healthy.   

High Quality Aquascaping Tools

Modern Aquarium’s aquascaping tools are made of high-quality stainless steel. These tools are beautifully designed, easy to handle and, thanks to their quality construction, durable. They make your maintenance tasks easy and help keep your planted aquariums thriving and beautiful. Our various aquascaping tools such as scissors, tweezers, and flatteners can be purchased separately and in many different sizes.

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    Curved Scissors Aren't Great
    Posted by Christopher on 12 Aug 2021

    This 5-piece tool kit is overall decent. The tools seem reasonably well made and the case is good quality for the price. The tweezers have good pinch and are well-aligned unlike others I've seen and used. My only criticism comes from the curved scissors; they don't cut nearly as well as the straight scissors. The blades don't align very well and have a gap between them of about 0.2mm. It's small, but noticeable. They work, but require more effort and therefore aren't as sharp as I'd expect them to be. Overall though, it's a decent set of tools and makes a lot of aquascaping jobs easier than it would be without them.