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Curled Leaf Grass Premium Artificial Plant - 17"

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Curled Leaf Grass Artificial Plant 

This Curled Leaf Grass Artificial Plant is aquarium-safe and ready to use. It is vibrantly green and has slender and uniquely curled tips providing an attractive appearance to your aquascape. And, if you have large boisterous fish, this plant is durable and capable of withstanding their attention. These plastic aquarium plants are the most life-like artificial plants on the market today! The plant has been attached to a weighted base making the placement easy. Simply put the plant in your aquarium at a desired location and you are done. The base keeps the plant in place and prevents it from floating to the surface. The base also mimics a natural rock so you can leave it exposed or cover it with pebbles, sand, or any substrate you are using in your aquarium.

Features & Specifications:

  • Life-like and natural appearance.
  • Durable, safe for aquatic life, and ready to use.
  • Attached to a weighted base, mimicking a natural rock.
  • The plant measures approximately 12” to 14”, and the rock base measures approximately 3 to 4”, totaling approximately 17” to 18” in length.

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