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Green & Yellow Grass Premium Artificial Plant - 17"

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Green & Yellow Artificial Aquatic Grass

This Green & Yellow Grass Premium Artificial Plant is aquarium-safe and ready to use. It is attractively colored in undulating green, light green to golden-yellow colors, providing a splash of visual interest to your aquascape. Durable and capable of withstanding the attention of even the most boisterous fish. These plastic aquarium plants are the most life-like artificial plants on the market today! The plant has been attached to a weighted base making the placement easy. Simply put the plant in your aquarium at a desired location and you are done. The base keeps the plant in place and prevents it from floating to the surface. The base also mimics a natural rock so you can leave it exposed or cover it with pebbles, sand, or any substrate you are using in your aquarium.

Features & Specifications:

  • Life-like and natural appearance.
  • Durable, safe for aquatic life, and ready to use.
  • Attached to a weighted base, mimicking a natural rock.
  • The plant measures approximately 12” to 14”, and the rock base measures approximately 3 to 4”, totaling approximately 17” to 18” in length.

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