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Gold Mystery Snails (Pack of 5)

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Gold Mystery Snails | Pack of 5

Gold Mystery Snails are an attractively colored variant of a fully aquatic mystery snail. They show predominantly warm yellow and golden colors with caramel and bronze hues. Like all snails, they have a spiral shell in either oblong or round shape. They grow to about 1 – 2 inches in diameter.

How to Care for Mystery Snails

Mystery snails, also known by their scientific name Pomacea Bridgesii, are very easy to take care of and will thrive in a wide range of environments. Provided with a proper environment, they practically take care of themselves. They prefer water temperatures from 70 F to 82.5 F and a pH of around 7 or above. They will thrive in aquariums of all sizes and will appreciate live aquarium plants in their habitat as well as hiding places provided by rocks, driftwood, and other aquarium decorations.  

Mystery Snails are primarily herbivorous and will actively graze on algae or decaying plant matter. If made available, they will also consume any remaining fish food. They are active throughout the day and watching them crawl on an aquarium glass, plants, rocks, or other decorations, scraping algae with their mouth, can be quite mesmerizing. The result of their activity is less algae, detritus, and other decaying matter in the aquarium. They are a perfect cleaning crew and are especially beneficial in a planted aquarium for their ability to remove algae.      

Mystery Snails are peaceful and will do well with most fish. However, they should not be housed with large and aggressive fish.    

Important Disclaimer

Due to local restrictions this snail does not ship to Arizona, Maine and Georgia.

Reviews (15)

  • 5
    Jade snauls
    Posted by Sal Biondello on 15 Nov 2022

    All arrive live and healthy. Thanks!

  • 5
    Mystery snails are great quality!
    Posted by Charli on 20 Jul 2022

    I ordered 10 total mystery snails. I was pleased I even got a bonus one! It’s been very hot weather so I was a bit concerned about the mail process and their survival. They did great, and have spent the last two days zooming around, doing a great job cleaning up the aquarium! I feel as though if they had not been healthy to begin with , that may have not been the case. Highly recommend

  • 5
    Posted by Erin on 17 May 2022

    Wonderful, fast shipping. Healthy snails. They were up and running around my tank in an hour.

  • 5
    Started creeping about after a few minutes. Look great. Don't know if all of them survived because the tank is so heavily planted.
    Posted by Elizabeth Haluska-Rauch on 11 Mar 2022

    Mine are most active at night so occasionally I creep into the kitchen after dark to check on the little guys. Thank you!

  • 5
    Gold mystery snails
    Posted by Randy M Mitchell on 13 Jan 2022

    Came in on time, all arrived alived. I put them in my quarantine tank and most opened right and got busy. My order of purples did the same. What are you going to do about my plecos?

  • 5
    Gold mystery snails
    Posted by Marv on 21 Dec 2021

    These arrived promptly and in perfect shape.They’re actually larger than I anticipated and make a colorful addition to my tank.

  • 5
    Amazing Bright Snails!
    Posted by Bethany Perry on 22 Nov 2021

    I loved the snails!! All five came in perfect condition and have all been incredibly active in moving around my tank! Not to mention they’re all of a pretty big size! I’m very happy with them!

  • 5
    Gold Mystery Snails
    Posted by Donna Funk on 12 May 2021

    We really enjoy watching these snails. They have been very active from the moment we put them in the tank. It has only been a week and the glass on our tank is almost completely free of algae. They seem to be much healthier than anything we can buy locally.

  • 5
    great job
    Posted by John neal on 7 Apr 2021

    great job

  • 5
    Snails! Snails! Snails!
    Posted by T.Smith on 22 Dec 2020

    Cute as a button, actually cuter than buttons (are buttons even really cute?). Healthy little critters eating and pooping their hearts out (like my brothers but without leaving hair in the sink). They're actually more interesting than my fish. Great buy - it's no mystery!!

  • 5
    Gold snails
    Posted by Dan Sethner on 13 Oct 2020

    Very active in my quarantine tank. Snails were delivered and looked good. They ate very active and moving all around my quarantine tank. Beautiful snails!

  • 5
    Happy Snails!
    Posted by Jessica on 15 Sep 2020

    All arrived alive. They were shy for the first 5ish hours, but to be expected. But not long after they were out and about checking out their new home! They seem to be comfortable and healthy. Great buy!