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Mystery Snails Mix (Pack of 5)

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Mystery snails are very easy to care for and provide an effortless algae-cleaning service for any aquarium. In addition to keeping your tank cleaner, you can expect the mystery snails for sale at Modern Aquarium to provide a very interesting and different element to your aquascape. Their intricate shell patterns and unique habits are a constant source of fascination for many. Aesthetics and function make snails a top algae-control choice for beautiful aquascapes. Explore the best aquarium snails online when you shop here.

Maintenance of Mystery Snails for Sale

Our mystery snails may vary in size once they reach maturity. You can expect them to grow to between 1.5” and 2” by the time they are adults. There’s not much you need to do to make them happy. They will thrive in nearly all types of aquariums as long as they have a good source of food such as algae and can scavenge other foods (e.g. algae wafers). Some of the basic care requirements are listed below.

  • Diet: Algae Wafers, Fresh Vegetables
  • Water temperature: 72-82° F
  • Tank Setup: 1+ gallons

Because these snails are so easy to care for, even beginners can enjoy them and should freely add them to their tanks. Our mystery snails for sale do really well in tanks with all sorts of fish, including small or nano fish.

Snails from Modern Aquarium

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Disclaimer: Due to local restrictions this snail does not ship to Arizona and Maine.

Reviews (97)

  • 4
    pretty good

    Posted by AmandaOatis on 14 Sep 2022

    quick shipping and really good packaging. unfortunately, one of my snails died in transit, but the remaining 4 are doing great and thriving.

  • 5
    Mystery snails

    Posted by Brian Aston on 31 Aug 2022

    Theses fellas are really going to work on the algae in my tank!

  • 5

    Posted by Alexander Syfrett on 30 Aug 2022

    They arrived fast and alive. They are now moving all over my tank!

  • 5
    Mystery Snails

    Posted by Ashley on 25 Aug 2022

    My snails all arrived alive and in great condition! It took no time at all to get them set up in their new tank and as of right now they all appear to be doing well!

  • 5
    Mixed mystery snails

    Posted by Karen . on 15 Jul 2022

    I ordered 5 snails and was super happy to receive a nice mix of colors. All 5 were different colors, very healthy and nicely sized. Shipping was fast and they were packaged with care. All 5 were happily exploring their new home within 24 hours.

  • 4
    Mystery snails

    Posted by John Stone on 28 Jun 2022

    The snails arrived quickly and in great condition. The only issue I have is that the snails hardly move at all. They tend to sit in the same place for days at time.

  • 4
    Most Survived

    Posted by Sai on 16 Jun 2022

    I ordered 5 mixed mystery snails. 2 gold and 2 ghost snails are doing great. Unfortunately, 1 did not last a week. :( But very pretty snails.

  • 5
    Mystery snails

    Posted by Thomas on 26 May 2022

    All 5 snails arrived alive and were moving around within an hour of putting them in the tank

  • 5
    The snails all came alive.

    Posted by Mimi on 10 May 2022

    The snails are wonderful. We can spend hours just watching them.

  • 5
    Mystery Snails

    Posted by Christie Grimes on 26 Apr 2022

    Very happy with these little fellows. All 5 are active, appear to be healthy, and seem to be adjusting well.

  • 5

    Posted by DeDe on 25 Apr 2022

    Alive and well

  • 5
    Mystery snails mix (pack of 5)

    Posted by Michael I. Stratton on 1 Apr 2022

    All arrived in great shape. Most were active within a few hours. The last one was active within 24 hours. Fascinating animals!