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Jade Mystery Snails (Pack of 5)

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Jade Mystery Snails | Pack of 5

Jade Mystery Snails are attractively colored fully aquatic snails. Their predominant colors are yellow and gold sometimes intermixed with light hues of golden brown or light green. Like all snails, they have a spiral shell in either oblong or round shape. They grow to about 1 – 2 inches in diameter.

How to Care for Mystery Snails

Mystery snails, also known by their scientific name Pomacea Bridgesii, are very easy to take care of and will thrive in a wide range of environments. Provided with a proper environment, they practically take care of themselves. They prefer water temperatures from 70 F to 82.5 F and a pH of around 7 or above. They will thrive in aquariums of all sizes and will appreciate live aquarium plants in their habitat as well as hiding places provided by rocks, driftwood, and other aquarium decorations.  

Mystery Snails are primarily herbivorous and will actively graze on algae or decaying plant matter. If made available, they will also consume any remaining fish food. They are active throughout the day and watching them crawl on an aquarium glass, plants, rocks, or other decorations, scraping algae with their mouth, can be quite mesmerizing. The result of their activity is less algae, detritus, and other decaying matter in the aquarium. They are a perfect cleaning crew and are especially beneficial in a planted aquarium for their ability to remove algae.      

Mystery Snails are peaceful and will do well with most fish. However, they should not be housed with large and aggressive fish.    

Important Disclaimer

Due to local restrictions this snail does not ship to Arizona, Maine and Georgia.

Reviews (27)

  • 5
    Posted by leonard dessauer on 28 Jul 2021

    I got the snail and they are all doing will.

  • 5
    Posted by Moriah C Curry on 6 Jul 2021

    My snails arrived safe and sound, I would absolutely order from this company again!

  • 5
    Very efficient
    Posted by MANDA SINGLETON on 6 Jul 2021

    As soon as I dropped them in with my fish they went right to work. Trails were everywhere , I expect fat snails soon. And so pretty to see and watch!!

  • 5
    Mystery Snails
    Posted by Kelsey J. on 28 Apr 2021

    I’m so happy with my snails. They’re thriving in our tank, healthy and active with lovely color. And who knew snails were so cute? We love to watch them eat.

  • 5
    My First Order
    Posted by Bruce Foster on 20 Apr 2021

    Package arrived in a nice box of 5 Mystery Snails. I have had many problems when ordering snails, with dead and very small snails that don't match the advertising pictures. I took a chance with this company and was surprised that all were alive and in various sizes. They are all working well in my tank and would buy again from this company

  • 5
    Looks great in tank
    Posted by Antonio on 5 Apr 2021

    They are beautiful Thanks

  • 5
    Snails are awesome.
    Posted by Kendra on 2 Apr 2021

    Nice color great size.

  • 5
    Posted by Taylor Birdsall on 31 Mar 2021

    Amazing! All snails arrived alive and were moving around within a few minutes of being introduced into the tank. Would buy again.

  • 5
    Jade Mystery Snails
    Posted by Charles Vorrias on 30 Mar 2021

    The snails were packaged well and arrived in good condition. Upon placement into my tank, they opened within the hour and within a few hours they had moved from their area of initial placement and were already working on the algae on my glass and plants! Would buy again!

  • 5
    Beautiful snails!
    Posted by Jen on 4 Feb 2021

    These little beauties arrived safely! So cute!

  • 5
    Posted by PRISELLA OLIVEIRA on 12 Jan 2021

    All 5 arrived healthy and alive and Very Big. I was surprised at the size. They were all moving within 45 minutes of placing them in the tank.

  • 5
    Posted by Melinda DeCoste on 10 Dec 2020

    This is my second order of mystery snails and they arrived happy and healthy. They started exploring within 15-20 minutes of placing them in my aquarium. They look white-they’re still young-but they are gorgeous.