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Salvinia (Salvinia Rotundifolia Minima) - 4 oz Cup

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Salvinia (Salvinia Rotundifolia Minima) | 4 oz Cup

Salvinia originates from South and Central America. It is a fast-growing, floating plant that does not have any special requirements. It produces small oval leaves with fine feather-like roots designed to take up and remove the maximum amount of nutrients from the water. The floating leaves will also provide cover and shade for surface-dwelling fish and make them feel more secure. Salvinia is highly adaptable and can be used in most aquariums. 

Caring for Salvinia

There are no special care requirements for Salvinia. For more robust growth, good lighting and liquid fertilization is recommended. Salvinia is a floating plant and good ventilation at the water surface will result in better and faster growth. Salvinia is also tolerant

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 65-85 °F
  • Tank Placement: Floating

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Reviews (26)

  • 5
    Salvinia quality 10/10
    Posted by James Weigle on 28 Apr 2021

    My order arrived early, and everything was stunning. The plants are healthy and vibrant, and settling into their new homes quite well. I was shocked at how much come in the container! You get your money’s worth. 10/10

  • 5
    Excellent purchase! The plants arrived quickly, healthy, and started growing right away. Highly recommended!
    Posted by Kyle Kainec on 16 Feb 2021

    Quality product, as advertised.

  • 5
    Posted by Chris Martinez on 22 Jan 2021

    This was one of the plants out of 5 that I ordered they arrived in just 5 days and the one that stood out for me was the salvinia it was the perfect amount for my tank and it was beautiful and matured already and had really nice dark roots.

  • 4
    Posted by Favid on 5 Jan 2021

    Most of the plants came alive and healthy. Rhodes are doing very well in my tank. A few of the plants were dead but I would order again

  • 4
    Salvinia 4 oz. Cup
    Posted by Madonna Fowler on 25 Dec 2020

    My Salvinia arrived ready to float and beautify my aquarium. Some edges were brownish from shipping but have lessened with water contact. There were a lot of plants in the cup-- at least twenty.

  • 4
    Good Product
    Posted by Lucas Caruana on 9 Dec 2020

    It came in a little worse condition than pictured, but the plant has already started reproducing within three days.

  • 4
    Posted by Jacob on 15 Nov 2020

    The plants were shipped quite fast. They really pack them in the container, so it’s well worth the money! They are beautiful and healthy and my betta absolutely loves them!

  • 5
    Posted by Poop on 22 Oct 2020


  • 5
    Posted by Kim Nicolosi on 12 Sep 2020

    Fish love the cover plants came in quickly and in great condition.

  • 4
    Pretty little floaters
    Posted by Rachel Bond on 7 Jul 2020

    I do love the look of these plants, the ones I recieved are alive, and seemingly healthy but do not look quite like the picture... Mine came a little brown, perhaps from shipping (?) And the leaves are closed up a bit, like a venus fly trap. I'm sure with a little time they will color back up and open but only time will tell, if anything they will split and grow new plants. Quite happy as I got a bunch of them even from the smallest package I had to split it between quite a few tanks.

  • 5
    Posted by james e richard on 11 May 2020

    very happy with purchase

  • 5
    Salvinia Rotundifolia Minima
    Posted by Joe W on 28 Apr 2020

    Received a portion with a very healthy green color