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Anubias Minima

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Anubias Minima 

Anubias Minima, also known as Anubias nana “Minima” or Dwarf Anubias, is a smaller species of the Anubias genus. It is a small and compact aquatic plant with sturdy, dark, and elongated green leaves that grow on short stems. The leaves are relatively thick and tough allowing the plant to withstand the attention of even the most boisterous aquarium fish. Its small and compact size makes it a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts.

How to Care for Anubias Minima

Anubias Minima is hardy and easy to care for. It is a suitable plant for beginners. Like other Anubias, it will tolerate low-light conditions and readily adapt to various water conditions. However, a moderate level of light will promote better and faster growth.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Low - Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 68-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Foreground - Midground

Anubias Minima is a versatile plant that can be planted in many different locations in the aquarium. It can be planted in the midground and foreground areas of the aquarium on its own or as an accent plant around rocks and driftwood. Anubias Minima looks spectacular when attached to rocks or driftwood, providing a more natural appearance to the aquascape. It can be attached with a thread or aquarium plant-safe glue. Anubias – including Minima – can be planted in the substrate as well but care should be taken not to bury their rhizomes (the thick horizontal root). If buried under the substrate, Anubias’ rhizome may rot.         

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