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Slate Wood XL 1

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Driftwood on Slate | XL1

Modern Aquarium’s Driftwood on Slate is a naturally occurring and weathered piece of wood collected near rivers and other bodies of water. This driftwood, as its name suggests, is attached to a piece of flat slate. This flat piece of slate is ideal for stabilizing the driftwood and creating a solid foundation. As dry wood is buoyant, the slate also helps keep it submerged by weighing it down until the wood soaks in water and sinks on its own.

Driftwood in the Aquarium

The combination of driftwood and slate mimics natural environments found in rivers, streams, and lakes. Driftwood on Slate creates a more natural environment in the aquarium, creating hiding places for fish such as plecos, and providing a surface to grow on for plants like Anubias, Java Fern, or Java Moss. The surface of the driftwood is an important source of food for many fish. Plecos, and most livebearers such as guppies and platys, and many other fish, will pick on algae or biofilm growing on the driftwood. Driftwood also releases beneficial tannins into the aquarium water. Tannins are beneficial because they have anti-bacterial properties and inhibit their growth. Driftwood is both a great aesthetic and practical choice for the aquarium.

Driftwood Photography and Selection at Modern Aquarium

This driftwood on the slate was selected and photographed by our staff. It is one-of-a-kind and you will receive the exact piece depicted in the picture. Driftwood on Slate comes in many different shapes and sizes and, to help you in your selection, our photographs are taken against the background with measurements. Photographs are authentic and not enhanced in any way so you can rest assured that what you see is actually what you get.