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Aluminum 5 lb. CO2 Cylinder

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This aluminium CO2 cylinder has a 5 lb capacity and is extremely efficient. Made of highly corrosion-resistant these cylinders meet or exceed all regulatory standards worldwide and are relatively lightweight compared to other cylinders. By law, all CO2 cylinders must ship empty and can be filled virtually anywhere locally.

Diameter: 5.3 inch

Height: 14.2 inch

*Cylinder colors might vary between Silver and Chalk Gray.


Reviews (3)

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    Posted by Mark Modoski on 7 Oct 2021

    Shame on ME for not realizing you can't ship combustibles and that this came empty, BUT, that was quickly remedied. Again, as in my other post with the mini-regulator, this is part of the easiest and cheapest way to set-up C02, forget those fancy kits that cost tons of money. Take this bad boy to your local welding supply and ask them to exchange it for another 5lb. tank. They'll give you a full tank for about $13, ready to set up your C02. Then, since you want this nice new shiny tank back, tell them you would like this one filled, and they will put your name on it and the next time you come back to exchange the tank they will have it ready, or depending on the place it make take a few weeks. That brings you up to $102 dollars. Then but the mini regular on this site which is all you need and fits on this tank. Since it is sideways you can put the bubble counter right on the regulator, no need for extra hoses, That brings you up to $146. There's a bubble counter check valve on this site for $12 that makes $158, and a diffuser for like $14, that $162. That's only $162 for a huge 5lb. tank that will last a LONG time and quality equipment. Let me just say, I have zero affiliation with this site I am just someone who has wasted a lot of money on C02 systems and gotten very frustrated with junk and when I put this together, two days later I bought the same set up for my other tank. I have one running in my 30 and my 125. I wrote this in detail because I see SO many questions online about setting up CO2 and it doesn't have to be hard. THIS IS THE WAY. OH, you need tubing. Lol. Good luck, long live your plants!!!

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    Great, as promised!
    Posted by Dan on 20 Apr 2020

    Looks pristine, just like the one pictured. Also shipped a bit sooner than expected. Thank you!

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    Best cylinder I have tried
    Posted by Marco S. on 8 Feb 2020

    This is by far the best cylinder I have bought. Others often leak and this (I bought 3) is perfect, no issues and reliable.