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Fully Automated CO2 System with PH & CO2 Controller

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This professional grade CO2 System with ph & CO2 Controller (not just a monitor) is our most advanced setup designed with convenience in mind, providing you with a fully automated system that will disperse CO2 for your plants to the exact desired levels while ensuring safety for all your aquarium fish and inhabitants by keeping pH levels steady at all times. This system, unlike others, will turn itself On and Off as needed based on the water parameters, so you can enjoy your aquarium without added work and without dangerous fluctuations of both, pH and CO2.

If you would like to learn more about CO2 fertilization and view set-up instructions check out Modern Aquarium’s Guide to Setting up and Using CO2 in Planted Aquariums.

This Fully Automated CO2 System with PH & CO2 Controller comes complete with the following components:

1. 5 lb. CO2 Cylinder

This aluminum or steel CO2 cylinder has a 5 lb capacity. It is highly corrosion-resistant and this cylinder meets all regulatory standards and is relatively lightweight compared to other cylinders (Cylinder colors might vary between Silver and Chalk Gray).

2. Dual Stage CO2 Regulator Kit with Solenoid Valve and Bubble Counter

Unlike the "Single Stage" regulator, this Dual Stage CO2 Regulator comes with a Dual Stage Valve for added safety and reliability. This added safety mechanism dramatically reduces the chance of accidentally changing CO2 output volume.

This professional-grade aquatic Dual Stage CO2 controller kit also comes ready with a bubble counter, extra regulator seals, and an electromechanically operated on/off solenoid valve that can be used with a pH controller or timer.

3. Milwaukee PRO ph & CO2 Controller

This pH controller measures your aquarium pH and also automatically controls it by turning your CO2 on and off when connected with your CO2 Regulator's Solenoid Valve (hint: CO2 lowers pH). Its job is two-fold: (1) keep pH at steady levels all the time and (2) control the amount of CO2 your plants receive, allowing for their optimal growth without dropping pH levels to dangerously low levels for your fish.

4. Premium CO2 Tubing

This 8-foot long Black Premium Silicone Airline Tubing is constructed to resist kinking, hardening and breakdown.

5. 17mm Glass Diffuser 

A diffuser is a highly effective way to disperse CO2 throughout your planted aquatic system. The sleek, low profile of this diffuser helps to minimize visual distractions within the tank. A suction cup is included with each unit.

6. Glass U-Tube (10mm)

The 10 mm wide Seachem Glass U-Tube is a convenient addition to any CO2 setup. This sturdy and durable glass u-tube allows aquarium owners to easily run an airline for CO2 supply over the rim of an aquarium to ensure that there are no potentially damaging kinks, bends, or creases in the hose. The clear glass helps to minimize the visibility of the tubing and is well-suited for most rimless and standard aquarium rims.

Reviews (5)

  • 5
    Great setup
    Posted by Kevin H on 9 Aug 2023

    For a beginner, I didn’t know what to buy for a co2 setup. This package was worth it because it includes all you need to begin a co2 aquarium. The ph controller was super simple and it administers the right amount of co2 based on the ph you had set. My co2 drop check shows up as green which is optimal. I recommend this setup.

  • 5
    Posted by Bill Beagle on 26 Dec 2022

    Agree with the other reviews. This is an excellent system I've had running for about a month. It does not come with instructions, but I have a small Fluval CO2 system on another tank & that helped. I still needed videos and online research, but got it set up & running without any issues. I took the tank to a home brewery supply business to get the it filled for about $16. It has been shutting on and off as needed & the plants definitely seem to be doing better.

  • 5
    Great product. Easy to calibrate.
    Posted by Jonathan Schramm on 3 May 2021

    Great product easy to calibrate. Just I wish there was a clearer instructions for first turning the system on as I had the valves mis adjusted when I opened the cylinder valve and exploded the diffuser, but that was my fault, It would help others first time set up to explain the valves a little more

  • 5
    great service, great product
    Posted by Alan Comeau on 20 Apr 2021

    the service was fast and hassle free. The supplied product was exactly as described and works great. Some simple setup instructions would have been nice but was easy to research online

  • 4
    Great system
    Posted by Douglas Forne on 22 Feb 2021

    I just wish it came with a training video on how to set up and what to Expect when set up and what all the numbers mean.