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Semi-Automated CO2 Dosing System with ph Monitor

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This Semi-Automated CO2 Dosing System with pH Monitor is comprised of two systems working independently of each other: (1) a Professional CO2 System that will deliver CO2 into your aquarium at a desired speed, and (2) an independently working pH Monitor with an Alarm which will constantly monitor pH levels in your aquarium, providing easy to read information allowing you to decide when to manually adjust your CO2 output (when pH levels drop or rise beyond your desired range). If you wish to automatically control pH and CO2 output, please consider our Fully Automated CO2 System with PH & CO2 Controller.

If you would like to learn more about CO2 fertilization read Modern Aquarium’s Guide to Setting up and Using CO2 in Planted Aquariums.

This Semi-Automated CO2 Dosing System with pH Monitor comes with the following components:

1. Aluminum 5 lb. CO2 Cylinder

This aluminum or steel CO2 cylinder has a 5 lb capacity. It is highly corrosion-resistant and this cylinder meets all regulatory standards and is relatively lightweight compared to other cylinders (Cylinder colors might vary between Silver and Chalk Gray).

2. Single Stage CO2 Regulator Kit with Solenoid Valve and Bubble Counter

This professional-grade aquatic CO2 controller kit comes ready with a bubble counter, extra regulator seals, and an electromechanically operated on/off solenoid valve that can be used with a pH controller or timer.

3. Milwaukee ph Monitor with Alarm

This pH controller monitor offers lab-grade accuracy with an easily viewable continuous check on pH levels with alarms. Its job is two-fold: (1) monitor pH levels at all times and (2) notify the user when pH is outside the set pH range.

4. Premium CO2 Tubing

This 8-foot long Black Premium Silicone Airline Tubing is constructed to resist kinking, hardening and breakdown.

5. 17mm Glass Diffuser

A diffuser is a highly effective way to disperse CO2 throughout your planted aquatic system. The sleek, low profile of this diffuser helps to minimize visual distractions within the tank. A suction cup is included with each unit.