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Milwaukee PRO pH & CO2 Controller

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This pH controller measures your aquarium ph and also automatically controls it by turning your CO2 on and off when connected with your CO2 Regulator's Solenoid Valve (hint: CO2 lowers ph).

Its job is two-fold;

1 - keep ph at steady levels all the time.

2 - control the amount of CO2 your plants receive, allowing for their optimal growth without dropping ph levels to dangerously low levels for your fish.

Example: If your water ph level is naturally at 7.5 and your desired ph level is 7.0, you will program the ph controller at 7.0 and the ph controller will inject (turn on) co2 until ph drops to desired 7.0, at which point it will stop and turn off the CO2 flow into your aquarium. When the ph rises again above 7.0, the ph controller will again allow for CO2 flow, bringing it back to 7.0.

This way your plants keep receiving CO2, which is needed for many plants in order to thrive and your fish are safe as CO2 input stops when ph drops to desired, safe levels.

Given the accuracy of this controller, the ph will be virtually unchanged at all times, which is optimal for fish as well as plants.


  • Fast easy to read current results with large digital LCD readout
  • Accurate to ±0.2 pH (0.0 pH to 14.0 pH) with the user selectable high/low set points
  • Simple two-point calibration for increased accuracy with manual trimmers for easy adjustment
  • Gel-filled, double junction lab grade pH electrode for low maintenance and high performance
  • 6.5 feet probe cables for extra flexibility when testing
  • 12 VDC power supply

If you have any questions about CO2 system setup, please call us at (813) 720-8750 and our staff will be happy to assist and answer any questions.