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Anubias on Lava Rock (Small)

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Anubias on Lava Rock | Small

Anubias are undemanding and highly adaptable plants. They are found in many streams and rivers in Africa, usually on the edges of waterways and boggy areas. They produce sturdy, dark green, oval leaves that will withstand boisterous fish.

Care & Maintenance for Anubias

Anubias are easy to care for and have no special requirements. They do not require bright lighting or heavy fertilization. Anubias have a rhizome and roots that allow the plant to attach to solid objects, such as wood, rocks, or other aquarium decorations. They can be planted on rocks, wood, or in the substrate but the rhizome must be above the substrate. 

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Low
  • Temperature Range: 69-86°F
  • Tank Placement: Foreground, Midground

Anubias can be planted as single specimens or in groups. They look especially impressive when attached to wood or rocks.

Anubias are also available on driftwood in size small, as bare-root plants, potted, and anubias petite on lava rock.

NOTE: Each plant/lava rock will have a unique look. The photo provides you with an idea of what it will look like and is not a representation of the exact item you will be receiving.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

At Modern Aquarium, we strive to bring you healthy, beautiful specimens in every order. While the photos on our website are just examples of what you will receive, we do examine each plant in person before shipping it to you. If you have any questions about what to expect from your order, how to plant your new specimen, or the best starter plants for your tank, reach out to us any time!

Reviews (13)

  • 4
    Aubias Small Lava Rock
    Posted by William Huskey on 31 Aug 2022

    Smaller than expected, but beautiful plants. Arrived in great condition.

  • 4
    Lava rock
    Posted by Jill Germany on 5 Jun 2022

    Loving it so far. Waiting for it to grow

  • 5
    My tank looks good !
    Posted by Yumira madrigal on 2 Jun 2022

    Fish loves it

  • 5
    Plant is beautiful and doing well
    Posted by Joseph Whitaker on 27 Jul 2021

    Will buy from you again

  • 4
    Anubias rock
    Posted by Unknown on 1 Jun 2021

    Super cute and little can’t wait to watch it grow

  • 5
    LOVE this Little Guy
    Posted by Terry Giancaterino on 26 May 2021

    Great accent piece for any aquarium. Vibrant colors that are lasting weeks later. Nicely secured. Ordering again for my other aquariums.

  • 5
    Anubias on Lava Rock
    Posted by Jane FRIDAY on 3 May 2021

    I loved this little rock with a anubias in it. I really wish I had bought the larger size which I intend on doing soon. Shipped quickly and good quality.

  • 5
    Anubias on a rock
    Posted by Rob on 6 Apr 2021

    Arrived in good shape. Well assembled and doing well in the aquarium.

  • 5
    Attaching to tree
    Posted by Rob on 24 Jan 2021

    I’ve been buying these for a little while trying to get a tree looking like it’s in bloom. They do well. Can’t wait till I’m done

  • 5
    Posted by Akshay Kumbhare on 5 Nov 2020

    Received in great condition, great growing really good. Good color and snail free!

  • 4
    anubias on lava rock( small)
    Posted by tabitha greene on 1 Oct 2020

    i love your alls plants so well i have already ordered more plants from you all for the back ground of the fish tank.

  • 3
    Posted by thomas m bos on 23 Jun 2020

    OK, I thought my plants could have been a little fuller two of them only had like 4 to 5 leaves the other was nice and full.but they arrived healthy and snail free witch is great if you don't want snails. and they shipped out fast witch was great. thank you