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Java Fern on Lava Rock

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Java Fern on Lava Rock

Java Fern originates from Southeast Asia. It is a very popular aquatic fern. The plant produces long, dark green leaves. This plant will do well even in tanks with aggressive fish because its leaves are not palatable to most of them. This plant-rock combo is hassle-free. Simply put the lava rock with the fern already attached to it in your aquarium and you're done.

Care Guide For Java Fern

Java Fern will adapt to most aquarium conditions and does not require high lighting. It is a rather slow-growing plant and older leaves should be removed to maintain the plant's best appearance. 

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Low
  • Temperature Range: 64-86°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground

The approximate size of the lava rock is three to five inches and the plant may vary in shape and size. In aquariums, Java Fern should be anchored to rockswood, or other hard surfaces such as decorations or 3-D backgrounds

Java Fern is also available potted, on a mat, and in other varieties, including, Narrow LeafTrident, and Windelov Lacy.

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