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Aquael Pat Mini Filter with Power & Flow Control (5 to 30 Gal)

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AQUAEL PAT MINI is a tiny turbine filter intended for use in small freshwater aquariums. This device consists of a small head and a carefully selected filter sponge. Thanks to the innovative design, the maximum throughput of the filter head reaches 400 l/h, which is comparable to the typical performance of a medium-sized turbine aquarium filter. Despite its high performance, the filter operates at a power consumption of 4W or less.

Given its specifications, PAT MINI can provide efficient filtration even in a 30 gallon tank. However, you should not be concerned about the filter creating an excessive whirling motion in smaller tanks, since there is a performance control switch in the front part of the head that allows you to adjust throughput as required.

In addition, the filter is equipped with a directional nozzle that can be used to control the outflow of water into the tank e.g. by directing it towards a tank wall. The aeration tube connected to the outlet nozzle ensures efficient oxygenation of the water.

The sponge supplied with the PAT MINI filter can trap even the finest visible impurities, performing efficient mechanical filtration of water in the tank. In addition, the sponge provides an ideal living environment for strains of beneficial nitrifying bacteria that oxidize ammonia and nitrates, toxic substances that are harmful to fish. Maintenance of the sponge is very simple and takes less than a minute. Regular maintenance will guarantee continuous operation of the filter, and the inhabitants of our aquarium will swim in crystal-clear and toxin-free water.

The device is very easy to install thanks to a holder equipped with strong suction cups and a functional bracket that can be used to hook the filter onto the edge of a tank wall.

Replacement/Additional Sponges can be found below:

Standard Sponge


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    Pat mini filter
    Posted by Bryan on 26 Aug 2021

    Compact, very quiet, and good adjustable flow in my 10 gallon blue-eyed rainbowfish &shrimp tank. I also prefer the hangar to suction cups for ease of movement/removal and reliability. It comes with a sponge, so you don’t need to buy extras. No real instructions for assembly, so it helps to have filter/powerhead experience, or to look at a video otherwise. I liked it so much that I bought an aquael turbo (for deeper tank and to try the added ceramic-noodle filter) for my 20 gallon tank. Both are in my bedroom and I can barely hear anything.