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Assorted Dering Wood - Staff Picks

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Designed and handcrafted by an artist, Dering Wood, also known as Screaming Wood, will be a unique and mysterious addition to your aquarium.

Fun Facts: The name of this wood was inspired by Dering Wood, a woodland in Pluckley, England that has been the subject of much local folklore about mysterious ghosts and unexplained events for centuries. Our Dering Wood appearance captures the mysterious nature of this forest. 

Our Assorted Dering Wood is:

  • Hand-selected by our staff
  • Fish and shrimp safe
  • Available in size Large (14-17" wide and 11-13" tall)

NOTE: The pictured wood is a general representation of the product. As it is a natural product, it comes in different shapes, sizes, and hues of color so the piece that you will receive will be unique and one of a kind. Size ranges are approximated. No requests for substitutions, inclusions, or exclusions are allowed. 

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