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Assorted Stump Wood - Staff Picks

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Stump Wood | Staff Pick

Stump Wood is a unique type of wood that provides a great contrast to your plants. It stands out against lighter-colored substrate and seems to enhance and make your fish look more vibrant. It also provides a perfect living environment for plecos and other fish. Many plants, such as anubias, mosses, and ferns, can be attached to or literally grown on this wood, creating truly breathtaking aquascapes. Our Assorted Stump Wood is:

  • Hand-selected by our staff
  • Fish and shrimp safe
  • Best value for your money
  • Available in Small (4-7"), Medium size (5-9"), and Large (9-11")

Incorporating Driftwood in Your Aquarium

Driftwood, next to rocks, is probably the most popular hardscape material used in decorating aquariums. They are, in many ways, ideal for recreating natural-looking aquascapes. Driftwood is naturally found in rivers and lakes. Many plants like Anubias, Java Moss, or Bolbitis grow on driftwood and submerged branches. It makes perfect sense to incorporate them in aquariums especially if your goal is to recreate a small slice of nature as much as possible.

Driftwood, and Stump Wood in particular, can serve as a focal point in your aquarium. The wood’s unusual shape and the multitude of crevices and holes at its center provide visual interest and will immediately draw the viewer’s attention. Adding or attaching epiphyte plants to Stump Wood will further amplify the visual impact.

Your tank inhabitants, fish, and shrimp will also appreciate driftwood in their environment. For plecos, driftwood is both home and a source of food as many pleco species need wood fiber in their diet. Many other fish species will use driftwood to find shelter, set up their territory, or even lay eggs and raise their fry. Driftwood will make your fish feel safe and encourage their natural behavior.   

Important Information

The two pictured woods are a general representation of the product. As it is a natural product, it comes in different shapes, sizes, and hues of color so the piece that you will receive will be unique and one of a kind. Sizes are approximated and you will receive one stump wood, not two. No requests for substitutions, inclusions, or exclusions are allowed. 

Reviews (2)

  • 5
    Stump wood
    Posted by Julie on 12 Jul 2023

    I bought a medium stump wood staff pick and I can not get it to sink in my fish tank I have a 20 gallon tank and I even boiled it for 4 hours and still it floats any help on how to get it to sink and stay in place?

  • 5
    Proper stumps
    Posted by Anne Simmons on 8 Sep 2022

    I ordered a small and a medium stump wood. Both look like proper stumps, with a large hollow center that makes a great hiding place for fish or place to stick plants. The color and texture are beautiful.