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Assorted Rainforest Wood - Staff Picks

$84.95 - $134.95
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Unquestionably, Rainforest Wood is the most uniquely shaped and sought-after driftwood in the aquarium hobby. Prized by serious aquascapes and hobbyists for their beauty, Rainforest Wood is sure to become the centerpiece of your aquarium's aquascape. By attaching moss, anubias, and ferns to its branches, you can recreate a magical sunken garden right in your aquarium. Our Assorted Rainforest is:

  • Hand-selected by our staff
  • Fish and shrimp safe
  • Best value for your money
  • Available in Medium (10-12") and Large (14-18") 

NOTE: The pictured wood is a general representation of the product. As it is a natural product, it comes in different shapes, sizes, hues of color so the piece that you will receive will be unique and one of a kind. Sizes are approximated. No requests for substitutions, inclusions, or exclusions are allowed.