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Crevice Style 3D Aquarium Background

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Crevice Style 3D Background takes minimal amount of space (about 2") while retaining amazing look and texture, helping recreate some of the most amazing natural environments.

Our 3D backgrounds are widely recognized for their amazing designs, mimicking nature's most interesting rock and stone terrains found around the world.

3D backgrounds offered by Modern Aquarium are made of the finest materials, providing unrivaled quality and safety for all inhabitants.

Please keep in mind that this background is custom made in USA, just for you and therefore takes about 2-3 weeks to manufacture. On rare occasion it may take longer than that.

Sizing: When ordering a Standard Size, listed in drop down menu, we will cut the background 0.5" smaller in length and heigth to accomodate for thickness of the glass and to make it look better. If this does not meet your needs, please order a custom size by reaching out to us and one will be made to your exact specifications.


My aquarium size is not available as an option, does that mean it will be more expensive to have it custom made?

No! Our cost is based on square footage of the 3D Background area and nothing else, so if you wish to have a custom 3D background made for you, please Contact Us or call us at 917-231-5956 to provide your aquarium dimensions and we will make it for you.

Alternatively you may purchase one of the sizes listed and cut it to size.

Are your 3D Backgrounds safe for my fish?

All backgrounds are 100% neutral to all environments and are completely safe.

Reviews (3)

  • 5
    3D crevice style background
    Posted by Brett rhodes on 4 Oct 2020

    Fast shipping, exactly what I ordered, fitted perfectly in my 120G. I did seal the sides & top as my cichlids like to cause a mess but as it was so snug, that may have been overkill tbh.

  • 5
    3D background for African peacocks and tangs
    Posted by Tanganikans Rule on 24 Jun 2020

    This is a wonderful background that looks incredibly natural. African cichlids love it too (I think).

  • 5
    Posted by MICHAEL D. DOCKERY on 17 May 2020

    It's perfect. Very solid background. Looks great.