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Rocky Style 3D Aquarium Background

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Rocky Style 3D Aquarium Background

If you have ever dreamed of recreating a slice of nature in your home, 3D Aquarium Backgrounds for fish tanks available at Modern Aquarium are just what you need. These aquarium backgrounds, like this Rocky Style 3D Aquarium Background, are beautifully designed to mimic nature and are guaranteed to enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium.

Our Rocky Style 3D Background is one of the most realistic 3D aquarium backgrounds for aquariums and was designed to resemble a rock wall. Its appearance aims to evoke deep impressions, intricate crevices, and split lines found in rocky formations deep underwater. The natural color of this 3D fish tank background adds to its realism and beauty.

This Rocky Style Aquarium Background is a slim version, taking minimum space in your aquarium but still providing an amazing 3D look and texture. Unbelievably, with only about 1-inch depth, this aquarium background takes a minimum amount of space leaving the rest of your aquarium for your fish, plants, and other decorations.

3D backgrounds available for purchase at Modern Aquarium’s online store are widely recognized for their amazing designs and are made of the finest materials, providing unrivaled quality and safety for all tank inhabitants. They combine beauty with function by recreating a piece of nature in your aquarium and, at the same time, allow you to hide an unsightly mess of cables and hoses from various aquarium equipment such as filters, lights, and pumps that are usually left dangling behind the back glass of the aquarium. With this 3d aquarium background, you no longer have to worry about these unpleasant distractions and can focus entirely on enjoying the beauty of your aquascape.

How to Install 3D Aquarium Background in Aquarium

Rocky Style 3D Aquarium Background is made of fish-safe, highly durable, and flexible resin and its installation is super easy. Because the background is made of flexible resin, you can easily fold it or bend it when inserted into your aquarium. This slim background can also be easily cut with a sharp utility knife if you need to fit it around aquarium equipment.

Once you have the background in your aquarium, peel it off from the back glass, place several dabs of silicone throughout the background, and press it into place. You will need to keep the background in place until silicone cures by either clamping it to the back of your aquarium’s glass or pressing it with heavy objects like books.

How to Purchase 3D Backgrounds and Important Ordering Information

When ordering a Standard Size, listed in the drop-down menu, we will cut the background 0.5" smaller in length and height to account for the thickness of the glass so it fits better in the aquarium. If this does not meet your needs, please order a custom size by reaching out to us and one will be made to your exact specifications.


My aquarium size is not available as an option, does that mean it will be more expensive to have it custom-made?

No! Our cost is based on the square footage of the 3D Background area and nothing else, so if you wish to have a custom 3D background made for you, please Contact Us or call us at 917-231-5956 to provide your aquarium dimensions and we will make it for you. Alternatively, you may purchase one of the sizes listed and cut it to size.

Are your 3D Backgrounds safe for my fish?

All 3D aquarium backgrounds are 100% fish-safe and will not alter your aquarium’s aquatic environment.

How long do I have to wait for my 3D Aquarium Background?

This 3D aquarium background is custom-made in the USA, just for you, and therefore it takes about 2-3 weeks to manufacture. On rare occasions, it may take a bit longer than that.

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