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Amazon Rainforest 3D Aquarium Background

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Amazon Rainforest 3D Background is our current best-seller thanks to its amazing detail.

The "roots" of the tree extend up to 16" into the aquarium (from back to the front). That is the minimum width of the aquarium required to fit it in, without any cutting.

3D backgrounds offered by Modern Aquarium are made of the finest materials, providing unrivaled quality and safety for all inhabitants.

Please keep in mind that this background is custom made in USA, just for you and therefore takes about 2-3 weeks to manufacture. On rare occasion it may take longer than that.

Sizing: When ordering a Standard Size, listed in drop down menu, we will cut the background 0.5" smaller in length and heigth to accomodate for thickness of the glass and to make it look better. If this does not meet your needs, please order a custom size by reaching out to us and one will be made to your exact specifications.


My aquarium size is not available as an option, does that mean it will be more expensive to have it custom made?

No! Our cost is based on square footage of the 3D Background area and nothing else, so if you wish to have a custom 3D background made for you, please Contact Us or call us at 917-231-5956 to provide your aquarium dimensions and we will make it for you.

Alternatively you may purchase one of the sizes listed and cut it to size.

Are your 3D Backgrounds safe for my fish?

All backgrounds are 100% neutral to all environments and are completely safe.

How should I secure the background in my aquarium?

While it certainly can be permanently siliconed to the aquarium glass, this background sinks on its own, allowing for optional installation on "running" aquariums using special Mountig Clips, essentially eliminating the need to empty and dry the entire tank just to have it intstalled.

When using the Mounting Clips method, we suggest you drain 50-75% of your aquarium (large water change) which will make the installation much easier. Shift as much substrate as you can away from the back glass, making space for your new background. Place the background into the desired position and shift the substrate back against the new background. After placing your background into its final position use the Mounting Clips to secure it on top of the aquarium.

The mounting clips on top, the substrate on the bottom and sheer pressure of the aquarium water will keep the background in its place.

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    Posted by Bob on 16 Sep 2021

    I didn't know these 3D backgrounds existed when I first found them. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. There are some things I learned during the process that I feel should be better advertised to buyers so I will share with you. This is not a knock on service or product, I just think for the price, people should know the below: When you buy this, measure your aquarium length and height using inside dimensions. They have many options to choose from in the site but they are literal measurements. Make sure to customize for your inside width and height. This material feels like a very durable, substantial, and yet-flexible plastic. It's fairly light weight but if you have the type of aquarium with multiple braces in the center I can tell you it took all of my strength to fold this one enough to get it in. I think other 3D backgrounds aside from the Amazon one would be easier to manage but the tree in the center really makes it challenging to fold and get into tight spaces. It may even be easier to cut in half, order a little smaller, or just be prepared to struggle fitting it in. I am very strong and it was very hard fitting it in but I was able to. If you have no bracing, you're lucky! Watch yourself on this material. It is rigid and in the process of folding, unfolding, brute forcing, it can rub/break skin. These all sound like negative remarks but they're not. It's a well made background. It looks very realistic. Once it was in, it fit perfectly. I bought the clips for the background but honestly they didn't help much. If you have canister filters or HOB filters, they will likely provide more support against the top than the clips will. You CAN fit HOB filters to left and right of centered tree. You can fit canister filter clips. This was a concern of mine but now I know. The lead time was about 3 weeks on my order after I provided the specific measurements. It was well packaged and arrived in perfect shape. It comes taped folded up. My aquarium looks incredible. I did not silicone it in. It's just held in by water force, sand substrate, and filters. It took a day or so for it to stay the way I wanted but it's good now. I get many compliments. It looks amazing. It's very durable. I can remove it anytime I want (I don't want to), and I'd recommend it for anyone who likes the look.

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