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Cryptocoryne Spiralis

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Cryptocoryne Spiralis 

Cryptocoryne Spiralis, also known as Crypt Spiralis or Spiral Crypt, originates from Southeast Asia. It is a very popular species of aquatic plant. Its popularity stems from the plant’s unique appearance. Crypt Spiralis produces long, slender – and true to its name – spiraled green leaves. The color of the leaves may vary from light to dark green and even reddish-brown, depending on the light intensity and other environmental factors such as the availability of nutrients or nutrient-rich substrate.

How to Care for Crypt Spiralis

If provided with good conditions, Spiral Crypt is not difficult to keep in an aquarium. It will thrive in moderate to low lighting conditions. The plant will appreciate nutrient-rich substrate for plants, allowing it to develop a healthy root structure and draw the necessary nutrients. Crypt Spiralis will tolerate a wide range of water conditions, including hard water, but it will prefer a softer water hardness.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 72-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground-Background

Crypt Spiralis is suitable for midground to background areas of the aquarium. Because of its slender appearance, it looks best when planted in closely spaced groups of several plants. Crypt Spiralis can grow without supplemental CO2 injection but the plant should be provided with either nutrient-rich substrate or supplemental fertilization in the form of liquid fertilizers or root tabs. The addition of iron fertilizer is particularly recommended for this plant species.

You may also be interested in a close cousin of Crypt Spiralis called Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis which produces similarly long and slender leaves with reddish hues. Many other cryptocoryne plant species are available in our online store as well.

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Reviews (2)

  • 5
    Cryptocoryne Spiralis
    Posted by Bryan on 1 May 2020

    Healthy well rooted plant

  • 5
    Really nice plants!
    Posted by Rebecca Swartz on 10 Mar 2020

    I was very happy with what I received, good size and generous portions. These should grow out great in my 14 gallon! Definitely recommend!