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Cryptocoryne Undulata

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Cryptocoryne Undulata

Cryptocoryne undulata, commonly known as the Undulated Crypt or the Broad-leaved Crypt, is a popular species of aquatic plant belonging to the genus Cryptocoryne. It is native to Sri Lanka and can be found growing in freshwater habitats such as streams, rivers, and marshes. This attractive cryptocoryne produces long, dark green, highly ruffled leaves that stand out among other aquarium plants. The coloration of the leaves can vary, however, from light green, dark green and even reddish-brown, depending on conditions in the aquarium and light intensity.  

Care Guide For Cryptocoryne Undulata

Cryptocoryne Undulata is a relatively easy plant to grow. It does not require a strong light and moderate lighting is generally sufficient for healthy growth. However, low light levels may cause the plant to produce light green leaves. If darker leaves are desired, increase the light intensity, plant Undulata in a nutrient-rich substrate, and provide supplemental iron fertilization. Undulata is one of the few plants that will do well in hard water. Once established, Undulata is a hardy and adaptable plant and tolerant of varied water conditions.   

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 72-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground - Background

Under good conditions, Cryptocoryne Undulata can grow 8-12 inches in the aquarium, but its size and growth rate will be dependent on environmental conditions. In aquariums with good light and substrate, Undulata is suitable for mid-ground and background areas. In aquariums with low light, Undulata can be planted in the foreground. Undulata propagates by adventitious plantlets and will readily spread in the aquarium, increasing its overall size.

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