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Cryptocoryne Costata

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Cryptocoryne Costata

Cryptocoryne Costata, also known as Broadleaf Crypt, is a species of aquatic plant belonging to the genus Cryptocoryne. It is native to Southeast Asia, specifically found in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. Costata is a relatively compact aquarium plant and produces broad, lanceolate-shaped leaves that can grow to a length of around 6-12 inches. This unusual, elongated leaf shape makes Cryptocoryne Costata popular among aquarium enthusiasts.

Care Guide For Cryptocoryne Costata

Cryptocoryne Costata is a relatively slow grower compared to some other Cryptocoryne species. It forms dense clumps of leaves and gradually expands by sending out runners that produce new plants. Costata will grow well under moderate to high lighting, although it can tolerate lower light levels as well. A nutrient-rich substrate is recommended to support its growth, as it absorbs nutrients primarily through its roots. Alternatively, adding root tabs around its roots will help ensure adequate nutrient levels for the plant.   

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Low - Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 72-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground - Background

As Cryptocoryne Costata can grow 6-12 inches, it is best suited for midground and background areas of the aquarium. The plant can be propagated through division. Daughter plants that can be carefully separated from the main clump and replanted in the substrate. Each divided section will develop its root system and grow into an independent plant. Because Cryptocoryne Costata is a relatively undemanding plant, it is a popular choice for planted aquariums. Its foliage provides an attractive visual impact and provides hiding places for small fish and shrimp, contributing to a more natural and balanced aquatic environment.   

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Reviews (3)

  • 4
    Posted by Unknown on 7 Feb 2024

    Received 2 C. costa plants as part of a multi-plant order. Beautiful plants, healthy stems and root system, Should do great.

  • 5
    Love crypts
    Posted by Christopher smith on 27 Apr 2020

    I love Crypts and this one was no exception perfect midground plant.

  • 5
    Crypt Costata - Excellent first impression
    Posted by Michael Solano on 27 Apr 2020

    I wasn't familiar with this variety of crypt so I ordered a set of 2 plants - medium size - to put in the background of my 5 gallon. They came healthy & big, with VERY large roots & a new plant starting on both of them. 1 or 2 leaves melted after planting but began growing new almost immediately. Toughest part was fitting the big roots into the soil in my small tank.