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Fluke X Fish Medicine

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Fluke X is a highly effective and safe treatment for skin flukes, gill flukes (dactylogyrus), and tapeworms. This product is pure and economical as only a small amount is needed for effective treatment. 


Fluke infection will cause fish to rub their body or gills against aquarium decor, the gills may also be inflamed and abnormally open or one gill could be completely shut. Tapeworms may be seen protruding as white segmented string out the fish anus. Not for human consumption. For use with ornamental fish only.

  • Treatment against gill and body flukes and tapeworms
  • For freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Aquarium plants, snails, shrimp, and bio-filter safe
  • 20g pouch treats up to 350 gallons
  • Single-dose can last the full course of the treatment of 7-8 days