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Jungle Val (Vallisneria Americana)

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Jungle Val (Vallisneria Americana)

Vallisneria Americana, commonly known as Jungle Val, originates from North America. It is one of the most popular and attractive of the Vallisneria plant species. The leaves of the Jungle Val are highly twisted and will reach approximately 8 inches in length.

Care Guide For Jungle Vallisneria 

Jungle Val is undemanding and will grow well in most aquarium conditions if provided with moderate lighting. The plant should be planted either in the midground or background of the aquarium. It looks best when planted in bunches.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 70-86°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground - Background

Propagation occurs from daughter plants produced on runners. If properly cared for, Jungle Val will produce tiny, white flowers on a straight or twisted stem that will rapidly grow toward the aquarium surface.

Jungle Val is also available potted. Other Vallisneria species available for purchase include Italian Vallisneria, Jungle Val Potted, Italian Vallisneria, Corkscrew Vallisneria, and Jungle Red Val.

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Reviews (25)

  • 5
    Satisfied Again
    Posted by Joe on 19 Dec 2022

    I bought these a few weeks ago. They looked very good when I opened the package and I was surprised that they sent such large plants. They were over 12" tall and look great in my aquarium.

  • 5
    Posted by Lesley on 12 Oct 2022

    This was my favorite plant. I wish I could attach a photo. Bought 2 and they were much larger and healthier than I expected. The leaves are thick and covers a lot of corner in my 70 gallon tank.

  • 5
    Great plants - received large - spread like crazy
    Posted by Tim Thiemann on 8 Jul 2022

    Had these for a few months now, at first they didn’t grow much then all off sudden they started shooting for the top and spreading all over. They really look cool but I probably need to trim them. In a 24” tall tank and some of the leaves are double that!! Neat plant after a few months

  • 4
    Live plants
    Posted by Unknown on 28 Jun 2022

    Plants came very full of life and in great shape. Will be buying again

  • 4
    Jungle Val
    Posted by Michele on 8 Jun 2022

    Ordered two plants, one of these i had to cut the majority of each "leaf" off as was dead or dying. The other was in better shape. For the trauma they go thru during the shipping process i think its normal to expect some damage; but after about a week they r already showing tiny new growth. Im happy with this purchase.

  • 4
    Posted by Julia on 23 Feb 2022

    These plants were a lot bigger than I was expecting! Although they do have some blub things filled with seeds, some of which were punctured and the seeds spread all over the tank. I don't see it as much of an issue, but fair warning to anyone else.

  • 5
    Live plants
    Posted by Butch Jantz on 7 Feb 2022

    All game in a timely order and looks healthy

  • 3
    puny brown leaves
    Posted by Unknown on 3 Nov 2021

    puny brown rotting leaves on all of the vallisneria I received. looks awful

  • 4
    Posted by Mike on 13 Oct 2021

    arrived in good condition

  • 5
    New customer
    Posted by lindsay on 26 Aug 2021

    Absolutely great quality. Both were green and healthy.

  • 4
    They are melting... MELTING!!! Like the wicked witch!!
    Posted by Tameka Fox on 21 Jul 2021

    These plants arrived in perfect shape. I however am not having the best time with this plant yet. As soon as it was planted the melting starting happening! I am hoping that these beauties will bounce back, but it's OK if they don't I picked a bunch of different plants and all my others are THRIVING! Maybe Jungle Val isn't for me, I got it because of how it's rated as being easy to care for but all mine melted.... Maybe they will come back?

  • 5
    Posted by Paul Winter on 26 May 2021

    I do cold water tanks and the baby sunfish and craooies I have love these.. I need to get more..