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Ludwigia Peruensis

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Ludwiga Peruensis

Ludwigia Peruensis, commonly known as Ludwiga Glandulosa, originates from North America.  It is a strikingly beautiful plant.  This variant produces small spade-shaped leaves in colors and shades ranging from brown to dark/intense red.  Grown under ideal conditions, with good lighting and fertilization, this plant will exhibit intense red coloration and will stand out in your tank. It looks best when planted in groups.      

Caring for Our Ludwiga Peruensis

If provided with proper care, Ludwiga Peruensis will grow quickly, producing intensely olive-green/pink or red leaves. The plant likes good lighting and the more intense the light the more robust growth and intense coloration the plant will exhibit. While not necessary, Ludwiga Peruensis will also appreciate some fertilization.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Medium-High
  • Temperature Range: 72-82° F
  • Tank Placement: Midground-Background

Ludwiga Peruensis should be planted in small groups in the middle or back of the aquarium. Stems should be planted individually. Regular trimming will keep the plant compact and looking its best. Propagation is from cuttings and side shoots.

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Reviews (113)

  • 5
    Posted by Mac M on 7 Dec 2023

    Very large and healthy with a beautiful purple and red color!!

  • 5
    Amazing Plant
    Posted by Trevor Samaroo on 11 Jun 2023

    I ordered two bunches and both arrived in excellent shape to NY from Fl. It's only been about 5 days since I received them and many of the stems are already producing good, healthy looking root systems. So excited to see them flourish!!

  • 5
    Posted by Lauren on 18 May 2023

    My ludwigia peruensis came with three stalks, two of which survived, but one melted within the first week in my tank. It has been about a month and the other two have many roots branching off of them and are growing upwards and filling up the background of my tank! Would recommend, and very easy for beginners!

  • 2
    Platy fish ate plant
    Posted by John on 16 Feb 2023

    Plant arrived in so-so condition. As soon as I carefully placed plant in aquarium, many leaves fell off immediately. Unrelated- I noticed each day parts of the plant were disappearing, ended up discovering that my Platy fish were thoroughly enjoying this plant as a meal. All 3 stems that were separately planted were gone after 3 days. I have many other variety plants in tank, and they do not mess with them. I would not purchase this if you have Platy fish. Modern Aquarium should consider adding a caution to the product description.

  • 5
    Posted by Mark on 11 Dec 2022

    Great product, super fast shipping!

  • 5
    Beautiful plant
    Posted by Jaimie Kennedy on 15 Nov 2022

    I was nervous ordering this since red plants seem to never work out for me, but they arrived beautiful and still seem to be doing great

  • 5
    Very nice plant
    Posted by Lesley on 12 Oct 2022

    This plants is super pretty. All the plants I received were really healthy. My Electric Blue Acara love this plant.

  • 5
    Posted by Melissa Mooney on 29 Sep 2022

    Fantastic plant. Arrived alive and thriving. Beautiful addition.

  • 5
    Ludwigia Peru
    Posted by Laura on 22 Sep 2022

    Nice stalk plant! Gonna have to buy more of this.

  • 5
    Posted by Starla Cline on 13 Sep 2022

    I ordered this Ludwigia and was very happy with them they had roots were in great shape and ready for my Betta fish tanks

  • 4
    Ludwigia Peruensis
    Posted by Steven Alston on 27 May 2022

    Well packaged order. Plant was health and with great color. doing well in its new tank

  • 5
    Ludwigia Peruensis
    Posted by Erika on 27 Apr 2022

    Came fast and very healthy. Zero snails. One week in and all are healthy with new buds :-)