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Sterbai Cory

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Sterbai Cory

Sterbai Cory is a particularly beautiful fish with an unusual pattern. The top of the fish is speckled and the rest of the body transitions into several thin, irregular, and dark bands or lines. Sterbai Cory's anal, caudal and dorsal fins are also richly speckled. This cory's cheek areas and the pectoral fin can be a rich golden yellow or brown and these warm hues may extend over most of its body.   

Care Guide for Sterbai Cory

Sterbai Cory, Corydoras sterbai, are found in the upper Guapore River system in Bolivia and Brazil as well as in the Ucayali River system in Peru. Together with other cory catfish, they belong to the genius Callichthyidae and subfamily Corydoradinae. They can be kept in a wide range of aquarium conditions and are ideal for mixed community aquariums because of their small size and friendly disposition.

Max Size:   2.5 inches
Water:   72 - 82 F; pH 6.5 - 8
Difficulty:   Easy
Living Zone:   Bottom
Temperament:   Peaceful and Social

This fish will do great and exhibit the most interesting behavior in well-planted aquariums, with some hiding places provided by driftwood and rocks. Aquariums should also have some open areas where they can swim together in groups. Sterbai Corys are very social and should be kept in groups of six, and preferably more. They are very active fish and will constantly swim back and forth, providing never-ending entertainment.  

Sterbai Corys can be kept with many other peaceful fishes, including discus, tetras, dwarf cichlids, plecos, guppies, and many other community fish. They will readily accept a variety of foods, including flakes, pellets, freeze-dried and frozen foods.

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    Awsome fish

    Posted by CM in florida on 13 Jul 2022

    Ordered 6 sterbai corydoras..5 made it 1 did not..poor little response and shipping..will buy from again ..thanks Modern aquarium

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