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18 Plant Package - (Hardy, No CO2 Required)

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Our curated plant assortments are always carefully selected by our hardscape & aquascape experts to provide the best possible combinations of plants. The assortments themselves will vary from order to order as we pick only the best of plants from each category and while you never know what exact plants you will receive from each of the categories outlined below, we are confident you will not only be in love with them, but you will also receive the best value for the money as those assortments are already heavily discounted.

So trust our experts and start your dream aquascape today.

The 18 Plant Assortment contains plants from the following categories;

4 Background Plants

6 Midground Plants

6 Foreground Plants

1 Carpeting Plant

1 Floating Plant

Disclaimer: No requests for substitutions, inclusions or exclusions are allowed. Our assortments are designed and put together by different experts and with different plants each time, based on daily plant availability and at times, seasonality.

Reviews (48)

  • 5
    Great Deal

    Posted by Lydia on 12 Oct 2021

    I really like the plants I received in this package. Everything sent was very healthy. The package introduced me to plants that I would never have chose on my my own.

  • 5
    Alive and healthy

    Posted by Jessica on 12 Oct 2021

    Plants arrived in excellent condition

  • 5
    18 Plant pkg

    Posted by Apryl Macleod on 5 Oct 2021

    I could not have been happier when my 18 plant package arrived! There are enough plants to fill my 30 gallon tank and they are healthy and beautiful.

  • 5
    Great plants

    Posted by Kelli on 1 Oct 2021

    Very happy with selection and there were more plants than really needed. Plants were healthy, after two weeks in tank seeing new growth. Very happy

  • 4
    Awesome variety

    Posted by ELLEN LOVELACE on 24 Sep 2021

    Revived all in good condition and happy to see Lily bulbs.

  • 5
    18 Pack.

    Posted by S. Vance on 11 Sep 2021

    Arrived fast, in good health, and the plants were random but a great selection. Will buy more sometime soon! Thank y'all!

  • 5
    Simply awesome

    Posted by Ed on 3 Sep 2021

    Very nice selection. All plants were in great shape very colorful and healthy. Will by from again

  • 5
    18 plant package

    Posted by Sandra Ward on 1 Sep 2021

    Plenty of plants to fill a 29-gallon aquarium. There is a nice variety. And thus far not much melt.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Layne Chamberlin on 11 Aug 2021

    Plants arrived in great condition, and I don't know a whole lot about different plant special so this bundle was exactly what I needed. Highly recomend!

  • 5

    Posted by Noranna Hage on 4 Aug 2021

    I’m impressed. I live in alaska so plants were in the bags for almost a week and all showed up alive & beautiful. No parasites no snails.

  • 5
    Wow, my tank is set!

    Posted by Jen Snyder on 26 Jul 2021

    I have a 20 L tank that I have my California Newt in. This was an upgrade for the newt as I finally had room to get him a bigger home. I decided I wanted to have a planted tank for him with some guppies and snails. This type of newt is way more aquatic than most and has been a part of my family since 2007. OMG, he's some happy both with the longer tank and all the plants to hang out in. I was so surprised when I found this package on the website as it breaks down to 3.33 a plant. All of the pet stores sell plants for 7+ a plant. I was able to fully plant my tank with this bundle and was also saved from having to decide the different plants for a full look with heights of plants. Every plant arrived in perfect condition! I wish I could add a picture cuz I am so pleased with the results!

  • 5
    Plant bundle

    Posted by Petra M. on 28 Jun 2021

    Nice verity. Very healthy and pest free plants.