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18 Plant Package - (Hardy, No CO2 Required)

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Our curated plant assortments are always carefully selected by our hardscape & aquascape experts to provide the best possible combinations of plants. The assortments themselves will vary from order to order as we pick only the best of plants from each category and while you never know what exact plants you will receive from each of the categories outlined below, we are confident you will not only be in love with them, but you will also receive the best value for the money as those assortments are already heavily discounted.

So trust our experts and start your dream aquascape today.

The 18 Plant Assortment contains plants from the following categories;

4 Background Plants

6 Midground Plants

6 Foreground Plants

1 Carpeting Plant

1 Floating Plant

Disclaimer: No requests for substitutions, inclusions or exclusions are allowed. Our assortments are designed and put together by different experts and with different plants each time, based on daily plant availability and at times, seasonality.

Reviews (77)

  • 5
    A pile of plants!
    Posted by Stephanie Tomlinson on 20 Nov 2022

    Plants arrived very healthy. I was overall pleased with the assortment that was shipped. Most transitioned well. I would order again if I needed a pile of plants for a new set-up.

  • 5
    18 plant package
    Posted by John on 31 Oct 2022

    The plants are in great condition and appear to be thriving

  • 5
    18 Plant Package
    Posted by Melissa Mooney on 29 Sep 2022

    Great plants and wonderful addition to setup. All arrived alive and well. Thriving.

  • 5
    18 Plant Package
    Posted by Coral on 26 Sep 2022

    The plants arrived in good condition and are all thriving. I received a nice variety and more than enough plants for my 29 gallon aquarium.

  • 5
    Great Plants
    Posted by Rebecca on 14 Jul 2022

    Plants came quickly and in good health! At first I was disappointed by the tiger lotus bulbs, but they began to sprout the day after planting! Great decision and would buy again!

  • 5
    Came in fast and looks great. Both the plant and in the aquarium.
    Posted by Don on 15 Jun 2022

    Only one broad leaf plant needed trimming but they look great and I'm very satisfied

  • 5
    18 plant package
    Posted by lauren ball on 14 Jun 2022

    All plants arrived alive and well

  • 4
    diverse plant collection
    Posted by William D Greene on 20 Apr 2022

    Good selection of different plants. Nothing too exotic. Nothing too delicate. Shipped in a timely manner.

  • 3
    Live plant bundle
    Posted by John on 25 Mar 2022

    Healthy plants I would of rather picked my own plants. Not such a great selection

  • 4
    Shipped to wrong address
    Posted by Justine Hesser on 21 Mar 2022

    About 20% of my plants started dying because they wrote down the wrong building number & i had to go pick them up the next day. so they sat in the box for about 12 hours too long.

  • 5
    All arrived promptly and in good shape.They seem to be thriving already
    Posted by Marv Barton on 8 Mar 2022

    Great selection of plants

  • 4
    Long shipping delay but not their fault
    Posted by Tim on 2 Mar 2022

    Took 9 days to get these in, but it got stuck in Memphis when we had a huge snow storm a few weeks ago. After I got them in, had to trim some off that got damaged but for the most part they all made it through and are doing good. Nice package deal to get started, I already ordered more plants from them and they took 2 days this time.