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24 Plant Package - (Hardy, No CO2 Required)

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Our curated plant assortments are always carefully selected by our hardscape & aquascape experts to provide the best possible combinations of plants. The assortments themselves will vary from order to order as we pick only the best of plants from each category and while you never know what exact plants you will receive from each of the categories outlined below, we are confident you will not only be in love with them, but you will also receive the best value for the money as those assortments are already heavily discounted.

So trust our experts and start your dream aquascape today.

The 24 Plant Assortment contains plants from the following categories;

6 Background Plants

6 Midground Plants

10 Foreground Plants

1 Carpeting Plant

1 Floating Plant

Disclaimer: No requests for substitutions, inclusions or exclusions are allowed. Our plant assortments are designed and put together by different experts and with different plants each time, based on daily plant availability and, at times, seasonality. While our experts strive to include plants from all categories listed above, their inclusion may vary and is not guaranteed.

Reviews (24)

  • 4
    A lot of repeats
    Posted by Mary Santos on 4 Mar 2023

    I took a chance on this mystery pack because of the reviews and thought I’d get a decent variety of plants to start my 55g tank. I opted for the 24 pack because I figured I’d get quite a few plants on my list that I wanted, deliberated for about a week whether I wanted to go ahead with the purchase or purchase plants individually but ultimately decided to give it a go. Everything looks good aside from 4 of the same plants that didn’t fare well because there was minimal insulation in the packaging. (Plus another that was a separate individual purchase) I received 14 different plants plus 10 repeats. This is what I received: 4oz cup of duckweed 4oz cup of Glossotigma elatinoides Mixed bunch plants x4 Dwarf water onion x2 Littorella uniflora x2 Jungle Vallisneria americana x4 (didn’t ship well & are frozen) Micro sword clumps (nice sized clumps) x2 Cardinal plants x2 Java ferns x2 Mixed cryptocoryne x2 (same types not mixed) Sagittaria narrowleaf x2 I’m a bit disappointed that 4 of the same plant were sent and they all were received frozen. I’m also a bit disappointed that there are so many repeats, I wish I would have known that there would be because I would have ordered the 12 pack and ordered more plants individually. I had hoped to get at least 20 different plants and I could then come back and order more off of my list that I didn’t receive but this barely made a dent. This is a decent package of plants for someone who doesn’t want a large variety or doesn’t mind a lot of repeats, otherwise it might not be for you. Overall it’s okay but thought I’d leave an in-depth review since I didn’t see much on here that helped me with my decision making and that would have helped me maybe choose something that would have suited my needs a bit better.

  • 5
    Posted by Alexander Syfrett on 30 Aug 2022

    This was my first purchase of anything live from an online vendor so I thought about this purchase for a long time, also, I literally live in a desert and was concerned about packaging and heat. I am so glad I took the risk! The plants all arrived in beautiful condition, no trimming was even needed. The variety of plants was well thought out. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I know exactly where I am going when I set up another tank!

  • 4
    24 Plant Package
    Posted by Joell on 17 Mar 2022

    I would've given it five stars the delivery was fast and the tracking was accurate. Only thing I disliked was the packaging of the plant but everything else including the plants themselves were really good.

  • 4
    Good plants
    Posted by Candice on 9 Mar 2022

    The plants were generally healthy. The very long ones are now browning on their leaves two weeks later but I'm hoping the leaves will grow back green. Overall I would recommend.

  • 5
    Do not buy anywhere else!
    Posted by Gabriel Dixon on 28 Feb 2022

    Do not buy plants from anywhere else! My plants came very bright green, tons of established roots, and overall very healthy! The 24 plant package is perfect for my 29 gallon. Pair it with the liquid and capsule fertilizers and they'll do even better! I am very happy with my order and I will definitely be ordering again if I set up another tank. I also love how responsive they are for any questions and overall great customer service. I unfortunately had to throw the duckweed in the trash but that is okay. No worries there!

  • 5
    First Order
    Posted by David Weaver on 24 Oct 2021

    Everything arrived in great shape. Each plant had a sticker with it's name on it which was nice to have

  • 4
    24 plant packagr
    Posted by Mary Wheelock on 2 Aug 2021

    The plant all arrived as promised and in good condition. I followed instructions as to bleach dip, etc. I had misgivings about the duckweed, but after reading the benefits of it, decided to put it in. What a mistake. It did not survive the bleach dip and made a total mess of the aquarium. - clogged the filter and seems impossible to get out..

  • 5
    24 Plant Package - (Hardy, No CO2 Required)
    Posted by Don Blume on 15 Jul 2021

    This collection provided me with a varied and interesting mix of plants for the price, and it was a fun grab bag selection. Apart from quite a bit of understandable damage on the three ribbon-like Vallisneria plants, which clearly didn't enjoy being packed in a plastic baggie, (they are recovering), all arrived in good to excellent condition. I've not put the two small water onions in the tank, as they aren't really fully aquatic, but I've potted them up and they're out on the patio enjoying the summer heat. All the others are actively growing in what is for now a plants-only tank.

  • 4
    Not the best but pretty good
    Posted by Ryan on 14 Jul 2021

    The plants came to me within a week which was nice. I don’t love the complete randomness of it because it seems to just be a way to move stock. The plants showed up in pretty good condition but the hair grass is experiencing melt right now. The other plants are all doing good and bouncing back from any brown they might’ve had.

  • 5
    Perfect Plants
    Posted by Angie Nowak on 28 Jun 2021

    Order was shipped and arrived on time. Plants all arrived in good health and actually larger than expected.

  • 5
    24 plant package
    Posted by Misty Nichols on 9 Jun 2021

    Absolutely love the plants now my aquarium looks amazing and my fish are so much happier. Thank You so much!!!!

  • 5
    24 Plant package
    Posted by Kris on 1 Jun 2021

    Great deal on plants for a beginner.