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48 Plant Package - (Hardy, No CO2 Required)

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Our curated plant assortments are always carefully selected by our hardscape & aquascape experts to provide the best possible combinations of plants. The assortments themselves will vary from order to order as we pick only the best of plants from each category and while you never know what exact plants you will receive from each of the categories outlined below, we are confident you will not only be in love with them, but you will also receive the best value for the money as those assortments are already heavily discounted.

So trust our experts and start your dream aquascape today.

The 48 Plant Assortment contains plants from the following categories;

15 Background Plants

15 Midground Plants

14 Foreground Plants

3 Carpeting Plant

1 Floating Plant

Disclaimer: No requests for substitutions, inclusions or exclusions are allowed. Our assortments are designed and put together by different experts and with different plants each time, based on daily plant availability and at times, seasonality.

Reviews (14)

  • 5
    Plants package

    Posted by Robert on 7 Sep 2021

    They all arrived healthy and nice. They have been planted only about a week - but seem to be thriving. A good assortment!

  • 5
    Amazing Experience

    Posted by Mark Williams on 25 Aug 2021

    I ordered 2 - 48 plant packages and finished scaping all my tanks. Came quickly, great condition, and healthy.

  • 5
    First order

    Posted by James Thomas on 30 Jun 2021

    Everything was in great shape free of algae. Bags were labeled with names and even placement. This filled a 29 gallon and 10 gallon and I gave some plants away. I won’t hesitate to buy from them again!!!!

  • 4
    48 plant bundle

    Posted by Brad Morton on 22 Jun 2021

    Overall the plants we got were great and for a decent price. We did lose about 20% of them right out of the box that were in really bad shape but I guess that’s what we should expect when getting plants shipped.

  • 5

    Posted by CM on 6 Jun 2021

    Ordered plants for Shrimp tank for our FD however didn't receive plants geared towards Shrimp tank . Recieved 44 alive in great shape plants very light small box alerted company who does not answer the phone and left many messages finally they Answered thier email and shipped out 4 more small plants I already had gotten same kind wished had been different but did receive 48 in the end. If I need multiple again for another tank I'll order from here but if geared towards a certain tank I'll order separate. Thxs.

  • 4
    Decent pack for money

    Posted by Ashleigh Stires on 14 May 2021

    There wasn’t a ton of variety but the portions are generous and some of the stems already had roots starting. I’m a little disappointed that it’s a no CO2 required pack but I now have tons of glossostigma elatinoides (counted as 3 plants worth) which isn’t going to be able to survive in my tank as I don’t have CO2.

  • 5
    Plant pacage

    Posted by Brandon harbeson on 5 Apr 2021

    All the plants were great and our aquariums look amazing.

  • 5
    Great variety pack

    Posted by Shady Sherbert on 2 Mar 2021

    This is a great variety pack to generously fill a 75 gallon tank. I have had virtually no die off or melting and everything was very clean. Almost all the plants had a well started root structure compared to most companies that you will just receive cuttings. I highly recommend modern aquarium.

  • 5
    48 Plant Package

    Posted by Katlyn on 4 Jan 2021

    The plants arrive beautifully packaged and labeled. There were little to no dead leaves and there were no signs of any pest snails during the cleaning process. Definitely will be purchasing in the future for more tanks!

  • 5
    48 plants

    Posted by Sasquatch on 26 Nov 2020

    Very fast delivery, plants look great can’t wait for them to grow

  • 5
    Healthy Plants

    Posted by Unknown on 7 Sep 2020

    I’ve purchased plants through several online distributors and this is my new go to site. Every plant I received was healthy and in great condition. I put them in my 30 gallon and they filled the entire tank. Other than your typical melting of a few leaves everything looks great and within a week I can see new leaves coming in. Definitely a great purchase.

  • 5
    48 Plant Package

    Posted by Harry Schuessler on 4 Aug 2020

    My package of plants arrived on time as promised and in good condition. All the plants are doing well in my tank at this time.