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NeoPlex Bacterial Fish Treatment 100 g

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NeoPlex is a broad spectrum antibiotic effective against many external bacterial fish infections. Used as directed, NeoPlex will not discolor the water and should have a minimal impact on the filter bed. It is well tolerated by invertebrates, although delicate species may be stressed, and if possible they should be removed prior to treatment. When used in a medicated food mix, it is an excellent option for treating internal bacterial infections in tanks that contain sensitive invertebrates.



  • Neomycin-based antibiotic medication
  • Treats external bacteria diseases
  • Effective against bacterial lesions & mouth rot
  • Minimal impact on biofilter


While disease treatment in a quarantine tank is always the preferred option, sometimes it may not be practical to catch a fish for treatment. Neoplex can be dosed in the display aquarium if necessary, but it may negatively affect biological filtration. Always observe tank inhabitants carefully when treating, and be prepared to perform a water change and add fresh activated carbon if necessary. When the treatment period is over, Neoplex can easily be removed using activated filter carbon. It does not linger in the substrate or filter media of the tank.


Active Ingredients

  • Neomycin sulfate (43%)


Dosing Directions


Dosing in Water - For Treatment of External Bacterial Infections

  • Remove all invertebrates - these are extremely sensitive to medication.
  • Turn off UV filters, ozone filters, and remove chemical filtration media.
  • Use 1 measure (included) per every 8 L (2 gallons).
  • Repeat this dose every 7 days to a maximum of 3 weeks.


Dosing in Food - For Treatment of Internal Bacterial Infections

Feed the medicated food mix (recipe below) every day until the infection clears or up to 1 week. This medicated food can be refrigerated or frozen between feedings.

  • 1 scoop NeoPlex
  • 1 tbsp food (preferably pellets or frozen food)
  • A few drops of water if using a dry food