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Scarlet Temple (Alternanthera Reineckii)

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Scarlet Temple Reineckii

Alternanthera Reineckii, also known as Scarlet Reineckii, is a red-stemmed plant that produces different leaf forms and multiple shades of color, ranging from olive-green to brownish on the surface of the leaf to red or pinkish on the underside.

Care & Maintenance

Scarlet Temple Reineckii is easy to care for if provided with proper conditions, which include good lighting, good substrate, and fertilization. Iron supplementation will help the plant maintain or produce a more intense red coloration.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: High
  • Temperature Range: 68-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground-Background

In aquariums, consider planting A. Reineckii in small, well-spaced groups as their red coloration provides a good contrasting and focal point, especially against other green-colored plants.

Scarlet Temple Reineckii is also available potted.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

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Reviews (16)

  • 5
    Perfect as always!
    Posted by Nancy Conforti on 26 Jul 2022

    Very good condition, second time I've ordered Scarlet Temple.

  • 4
    Posted by Vincent Au on 3 May 2022

    Shipping as quick, came in bent to fit packaging. massaged the bends and floated them for a day and they were all good again. Been about 2 weeks and they are growing in nicely

  • 5
    Scarlet Temple
    Posted by melissa mooney on 11 Mar 2022

    came well packaged. nice plant clippings which have taken well to new setup

  • 5
    Scarlet Temple
    Posted by Teresa Johnson on 28 Dec 2021

    I love red and greens on a plant, I was so excited to see this plant still in good condition and ready to be fish didnt have a negative reaction to any of the plants I purchased from this company. I will definitely purchase more...maybe in bulk next time.

  • 5
    Beautiful color
    Posted by Hen Huynh on 23 Nov 2021

    Plants came in very healthy and has beautiful pinks / reds. Would recommend for any planted aquarium

  • 4
    scarlet temple
    Posted by Mkie on 13 Oct 2021

    arrived in good condition

  • 5
    Posted by Jessica on 14 Sep 2021

    Plants arrived healthy.

  • 5
    Lush and red
    Posted by Leah Moser on 6 May 2021

    I had purchased some of this from a local aquatic store, and it was okay. Then I ordered two bunches from Modern Aquarium and WOW! The leaves were huge, lush, and the most gorgeous red. It's made my tank really come alive. It is a stunning background plant and my ember tetras love hiding out among it's big leaves.

  • 4
    Scarlet Temple
    Posted by Frank LALLAS on 20 Apr 2021

    Great plant looks good arrived in good condition When it comes to aquarium plants Modern Aquarium is my go to store

  • 5
    Red temple plants
    Posted by Michael Thornton on 23 Mar 2021

    I love these they’re great and all of my friends and family think they look great in all four of my aquariums.

  • 5
    Beautiful plants
    Posted by Kevin vandenplas on 16 Dec 2020

    The journey over here knocked some leaves off but nothing that wont grow back. It adds a beautiful pop to the background of my tank too

  • 4
    I ordered it online
    Posted by Mason Hardwick on 16 Jul 2020

    They came really quickly and they were nice and red as advertised the bunches were full and they looked great.