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Tiger Eye Nerite Snails (Pack of 5)

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Totally safe with any fish, plant or shrimp, these snails are considred the best algae eaters among many aquarists. They will also never reproduce in your freshwater aquarium. Tiger Nerites will grow to about 1 - 1.5 inch at most and will thrive in virtually any tank.

Reviews (20)

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    4 out 5 Good Snails

    Posted by Katherine S on 15 Oct 2020

    I would give 5 stars, except one snail has significant shell deterioration. It is still thriving, however, and all five have cleaned the algae from my tank and the fungus from my mopani wood. I am now having to feed them algae wafers in addition.

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    Posted by Michele Goldberg on 23 Sep 2020

    They are amazing- I have three aquariums and split the snails up for each aquarium. When we got the snails one snail shell was empty but the rest were healthy. I am very happy.

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    Tiger eye nerite snails

    Posted by Fnu Julhaidir on 10 Sep 2020

    I ordered 5 of this guy, came in 4 lives and 1 just a hollow shell, but they are really healthy and super active. I’m really happy and highly recommended.

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    Tiger eye nerite snails

    Posted by Sarah S on 19 Aug 2020

    Ordered and received very fast. I was worried they wouldn’t have made it since they were stuck at the post office over the weekend. I took them home and they all quickly responded to the water and promptly went to work doing their little snail thing. My betta wasn’t too thrilled at first, but he’s getting used to them. I’m very happy with my new snails!

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    All Alive

    Posted by Brandon Miller on 18 Aug 2020

    Each snail in the bag was alive when delivered and all them even started moving around after just a couple hours.

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    All But 1 Survived the Shipping

    Posted by Andrea Billings on 12 Aug 2020

    These small little guys are the perfect addition, fun to watch and work very hard. I bought a total of 15 snails, of 3 different varieties, and only one of these fellows never woke up. I'm okay with those odds though. Will definitely order again!

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    Tiger eye nerite snails

    Posted by Tracie on 20 Jul 2020

    The snails arrived quickly! They’re all very healthy and doing well in my tank!

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    Great Snails

    Posted by Brian on 19 Jul 2020

    These are great little snails for cleaning your freshwater tank. The best thing about them is they don't naturally multiply in the tank, and they don't escape. So no problem with them getting out of control. I also want to send a shoutout to Modern Aquarium for these. When they were first shipped, we unfortunately had a couple super hot days, and the poor snails arrived fully cooked. But when I let Modern Aquarium know, they fixed it right up. They waited until cooler days, and them shipped new snails, which arrived just fine. Great!

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    4 out of 5 Made it Alive

    Posted by Lianna Perez on 18 Jul 2020

    This was my first time purchasing snails, and I was exceedingly joyous when my package of snails and other aquatic plants came in! Upon opening the box, the ice pack was completely warmed up and everything else inside.... and one of the snails I had ordered was dead :( I placed them in a small container of water to to see if any would peak out of their shells, considering I was fully convinced all of them were dead... only one was dead. I feel really bad :( But in the bright side, the snails that did survive are currently in their new home filled with wonderful aquatic plants!

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    Tiger eye nerite snails a good value because they are small and do not reproduce in the tank.d

    Posted by Judy on 10 Jul 2020

    I have observed them at work daily cleaning algae from the aquarium glass and corners. They are also doing a fantastic job of cleaning two years worth of algae off the castle turrets and roofs. The castle is the main decor piece in the tank. It is large with many openings and the huge goldfish retreats to the inside of it when the aquarium lights go off. The fish pays no mind to these snail workers who have recently entered his tank.

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    Tiger Eye Nerite Snails

    Posted by Linda on 30 Jun 2020

    Love my snails. Every plant I received from Modern Aquarium has been healthy and beautiful. I am a gardener. In my life I have purchased large amounts of plants Aquarium and Garden. The plants from Modern Aquarium have been the healthiest and best looking. After 7-10 days they have good color, standing tall and appear to be growing.. Thank you Modern Aquarium for being a responsible business.

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    Nitrite snail

    Posted by James on 29 Jun 2020

    Very healthy