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Tiger Eye Nerite Snails (Pack of 5)

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Totally safe with any fish, plant or shrimp, these snails are considred the best algae eaters among many aquarists. They will also never reproduce in your freshwater aquarium. Tiger Nerites will grow to about 1 - 1.5 inch at most and will thrive in virtually any tank.

Reviews (62)

  • 5
    Nerite snails

    Posted by Mary Ellen Ferrara on 12 Jan 2022

    I purchased 10 snails as housekeepers for my aquarium, they are a hard working crew! Shipment was quick and they all arrived ready for work! Loving them and their work!

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    Tiger Eye Nerite Snails (5-Pack)

    Posted by Alec Chan on 10 Dec 2021

    The shipping took a bit longer than I expected (~8 days) but it’s the holiday season so that was expected. Besides that, all 5 of my Nerite snails arrived in GREAT condition and all of them are alive. I acclimated them to my water temperature for a bit and then popped them into my planted tank, and they were all out and about within an hour of me placing them in. I highly recommend this website and company to anyone who is looking to order aquarium-related items online!

  • 4
    Good looking snails

    Posted by Al Vandesteene on 29 Nov 2021

    Would be 5 stars, but one died

  • 5
    Tiger Eye Nerite Snails

    Posted by Rory Day on 25 Nov 2021

    The arrive all alive from New York to Maui. They fixed my algae problem in 24 hours.

  • 5
    Snails rock

    Posted by Rodney Walter on 23 Nov 2021

    I ordered ten of these snails and not only did they arrive alive, but all of them were exploring the tank within hours of my putting them into the tank. I might order more.

  • 5
    Tiger Eye Nerite snails

    Posted by Christopher Miller on 8 Nov 2021

    Love my snails. Great addition to my tank. Shipping and handling was perfect. Will most definitely be ordering from here again.

  • 4
    On the move

    Posted by Kryss on 19 Oct 2021

    Arrived on time and all alive. Didn’t acclimate them just dropped them in and they were off haven’t stopped moving since I got them. 2if the 5have some shell issues but nothing major the other 3 are perfectly beautiful

  • 5

    Posted by Mitch Killey on 7 Oct 2021

    Excellent looking-floated bag in room temp water and next day they were all over tank.

  • 5
    Better than expected

    Posted by Manuel on 1 Oct 2021

    Those are great, almost immediately i put in the water, start to work. This is my first gang of snail, in the first opportunity i would buy other gang of nerites

  • 5

    Posted by Tracy on 28 Sep 2021

    They were very healthy!

  • 5
    Tiger Eye Nerite Snails

    Posted by David M Samsell on 28 Sep 2021

    All snails arrived alive and in good condition. Thank you Modern Aquarium for a quality product.

  • 5
    Great experience

    Posted by Mark Williams on 10 Aug 2021

    Good size, all alive, beautiful in tank