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Anubias Barteri - Potted

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Anubias Barteri | Potted

Anubias Barteri originates in West Africa. It is found in various rivers and stream areas, growing both submerged and out of water. Like most Anubias, A. Barteri is a highly adaptable, undemanding, and ideal beginner plant. The leaves of Anubias Barteri are thick and strong and even the most boisterous, herbivorous fish will not be able to destroy them.

Care & Maintenance for Anubias Barteri

Anubias Barteri will thrive in varied water conditions. Lighting is not important and the plant will grow well even under low light conditions. The plant does not require any special substrate. In fact, the main root, or rhizome, should not be buried in gravel or substrate. Instead, it should always be placed above it. Alternatively, and preferably, the plant can be attached to solid surfaces such as rocks, driftwood, and other aquarium decorations. You can use a piece of string or Scaper’s Glue to attach the plant to the surface. After some time, the plant’s roots will do the job themselves, keeping Anubias firmly attached.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Low
  • Temperature Range: 70-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground-Background

Anubias Barteri looks best when used in the midground areas of the aquarium. It looks really great when attached to rocks and driftwood, creating a naturally looking piece of nature in your home aquarium. The plant propagates from side shoots or by dividing the rhizome.  

Anubias Barteri is also available bareroot and grown on driftwood and rock.  Other varieties of Anubias can also be found here.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

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Reviews (3)

  • 5
    Posted by Kymmy on 28 Sep 2021

    Gorgeous, green, and healthy!

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    Great Plant
    Posted by Mel Wylie on 18 May 2021

    The plant is doing excellent in my tank

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    Perfect condition
    Posted by Suraj Maharjan on 6 May 2020

    The product came in good shape and it was fresh and in good condition.