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Anubias Barteri var. Coffeefolia

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Anubias Barteri var. Coffeefolia 

Anubias Barteri originates from West Africa and is one of the most popular plant species in the aquarium hobby. The plant is found alongside many riverbanks and streams. Their popularity in the hobby is attributable to their beauty, hardiness and ease of keeping.

Anubias Barteri produces large, oval, green leaves that are thick and sturdy. The plant will withstand the attention of most boisterous and herbivorous fish.

Care & Maintenance for Anubias

Anubias Barteri, like most other Anubias, is highly robust, undemanding and adaptable plant. They have an adapted rhizome (the main root) and roots that will attach to solid objects, such as driftwood, rocks, even aquarium decorations. For this reason, substrate conditions or quality is unimportant. In fact, the rhizome must be placed above the substrate.

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Low
  • Temperature Range: 65-86°F
  • Tank Placement: Foreground-Midground

The plant will thrive in a range of aquarium conditions, including low light. Under bright light, Anubias will grow more compact and new leaves will grow more quickly. Anubias look great when attached to driftwood and rocks. They can be planted in substrate as long as their rhizome is not buried. In open-top aquariums, Anubias can also be grown out of water, providing that the root is submerged.     

Anubias are also available potted, already attached to driftwood, and rocks.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

At Modern Aquarium, we strive to bring you healthy, beautiful specimens in every order. While the photos on our website are just examples of what you will receive, we do examine each plant in person before shipping it to you. If you have any questions about what to expect from your order, how to plant your new specimen, or the best starter plants for your tank, reach out to us any time!

Reviews (22)

  • 4
    Posted by todd stickler on 29 Aug 2022

    very nice healthy plants

  • 5
    Anubias barteri
    Posted by Timothy on 23 Aug 2022

    Arrived great and seem to be doing great in the tank

  • 4
    Anubias Barteri Coffeefolia
    Posted by Valerie Elson on 12 Jul 2022

    Nice rhizome and roots. Was a little disappointed about the size Small specimens sent, 4 leaves each plant.

  • 5
    Anubias barteri
    Posted by Michael Stratton on 15 Feb 2022

    This is my first foray into the world of live plants in an aquarium. I was quite happy when the plant arrived (along with the only other plant that I ordered) in what appears to be excellent health during the dead of winter! No broken or wilted leaves, and no "hitch hikers" (I followed the instructions on the web site for unpacking the plants)! I attached it to a rock with some artificial thread and it is doing well after a week in it's new home.

  • 5
    Posted by Emmalee on 11 Jan 2022

    Beautiful plant and in great condition!

  • 4
    Posted by Elaine on 9 Dec 2021

    Smallish but very healthy plant.

  • 5
    Lovely !
    Posted by kellie on 9 Aug 2021

    Happy with every plant I get from Modern Aquarium. Lush, vibrant and beautiful addition

  • 5
    Anubia Barteri
    Posted by Natalia Sanchez on 31 Jul 2021

    Very healthy little plant, lots of roots. Beautiful!

  • 4
    Anubias coffeefolia
    Posted by Unknown on 28 Jul 2021

    I have one of these and just love it. Its one of my favs beside the petite. I love the little crinkles or waves, if you will in the leaves. Can't wait for this to grow as well. Beautiful.

  • 5
    Posted by Charity Wood on 22 May 2021

    this plant is gorgeous! I love the look of it! super healthy like every other plant I have received and doing amazing!

  • 5
    Posted by Cassandra on 3 May 2021

    Arrived so green so full and so perfect!! Now to keep them that way

  • 3
    anubias coffeefolia
    Posted by Rich R on 8 Apr 2021

    healthy and good color but expected a slightly larger plants (2 orders)