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Pinus Cones (Pack of 5)

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Pinus Cones Botanicals | Pack of 5

Pinus Cones are naturally produced by pine trees and play an important part in spreading their seeds. Once they fall to the ground and age they are perfect botanicals for use in an aquarium. They come in varying sizes and are usually elongated and egg-shaped cones. Their striking features are woody scales arranged in a spiral pattern. They are typically brown but sometimes their colors can range from orange to green. Pine trees are distributed globally, including in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our organic cones are collected and imported from rural Indonesia, ensuring they are free of harmful matter and are thus completely safe for all aquarium inhabitants.

Why we Recommend Botanicals for your Aquarium

Botanicals, including Pinus Cones, are plant-based materials. They provide both aesthetic and functional benefits to the aquarium and its inhabitants. They are suitable for any freshwater aquarium and are absolutely loved by fish of all types, especially plecos, corys, angel fish, discus, and apistos. And, let’s not forget, shrimp. 

Many botanicals release tannins and humic substances into the water. These substances are naturally found in rivers, streams, and lakes and were found to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties and help in preventing fish diseases. They are your naturally occurring disease preventative that protects your fish from disease and creates a healthy environment in your aquarium.

In addition to these health benefits, botanicals also provide places for fish and shrimp to hide, reducing their stress. They mimic a more natural environment found in rivers, streams, or lakes where your fish live, making your aquarium look like a piece of nature. Many fish species such as corydoras, and shrimp, are natural foragers constantly looking for food. Botanicals provide them with opportunities to look for and find morsels of food, encouraging their natural behavior. Botanicals are also a source of food. Fish such as plecos and otos will actually consume either the biofilm or algae growing on the surface or botanicals themselves.       

Many hobbyists who want to recreate specific biotopes, such as black water or South American setups, will use botanicals to replicate those natural habitats. Some fish, especially South American cichlids from the Apistogramma genus, need botanicals to thrive. Their presence may also encourage them, and other fish, to spawn.  

Botanicals at Modern Aquarium

Modern Aquarium botanicals are safe for fish and shrimp. They are collected from their natural environments. Our selection of botanicals includes different varieties of leaves, including Jackfruit Leaves, Guava Leaves, Catappa Leaves, Mango Leaves. We also have a diverse selection of cones and pods such as Kenary Pods, Sterculia Pods, Pinus Cones, and Maoni Pods. And, do not forget to check our half-size or full-size coconuts.  

The photo shown represents a random set of Pinus Cones. As they are all unique you can expect slight variations in shape, size, and color.

Reviews (2)

  • 5
    Consistent size and quality
    Posted by Anne Simmons on 8 Sep 2022

    The tightly closed cones are all about the same size. They aren’t overly dry so they will break down slowly in the tank. And they look good. I left them floating around the surface until they became water-logged enough to finally sink.

  • 5
    Pinus Cones
    Posted by Donna Bowen on 29 Nov 2021

    These arrived a couple of days after I ordered them, earlier than I expected. The bottom feeders love them.