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Tiger Lotus - Set of 2 Bulbs

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Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
Temperature Range: 71-86°F
Tank Placement: Midground-Background

Nymphaea Lotus, also known as Tiger Lotus, originates from East Africa and Southeast Asia.  Tiger Lotus is a tropical lily and is an ideal plant to be a focal point in your aquarium. The leaves of this plant will grow up to 8 inches long and, if not pruned, will fairly quickly reach the surface of the water where they will float, providing shade in the aquarium and making fish feel more secure.  The leaves can come in variety of shades and colors from green to dark red, with patches of purple or red-brown.  Tiger Lotus can be kept compact and submerged by regularly cutting leaves racing up to the top of the aquarium and by providing good lighting.  The roots of the plant will spread quickly anchoring the plant securely in the substrate and allowing it draw nutrients from it.  

Reviews (7)

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    Tiger Lotus

    Posted by AeXzer Anthony on 6 Oct 2021

    Fast shipping and well packed. Received 2 bulbs and both already have their leaves sprouting but due to some critters in my tank, both sprouts were damaged and melted. In spite of that though, both bulbs have put out new sprouts. That’s the beauty of this plant. They are super hardy and one of the most beautiful aquatic plant in the hobby. Highly recommended to anyone that wants a beautiful and very hardy center piece in their tanks.

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    Posted by John Russo on 14 Sep 2021

    Started to bloom in my tank within 2 days of arrival. A little misleading to show 3 bulbs when you get 2, but that's another matter.

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    Tiger Lotus Bulbs

    Posted by M Hoffman on 28 Jul 2021

    Bulbs were sprouting on arrival, and started putting out new shoots within days after planting. Recommend!

  • 5

    Posted by Clint Keese on 18 Jun 2021

    I ordered the plant package and was a little upset when one of the selections they picked was the tiger lotus bulbs. No roots or anything. I figured what the heck, and planted them in my grow out tank anyways. (The package I received was AMAZING!!!) I forgot about them for about three weeks. Then one day I went to harvest some plants and what did I see?? Both bulbs had already sprouted and there were already two small leaves. I was shocked. They ended up going in my planted community tank and now they are show stopping beautiful. Dark red leaves, and just amazing. So very glad I got these bulbs. They are breathtaking!

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    Tiger Lotus bulbs

    Posted by Jamie on 10 May 2021

    I have purchased 6 of these bulbs so far, all were good excluding one dud floated. This is a really good plant if you have betta fish they love the pads. Good quality bulbs.

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    1st time use arrived in excellent condition

    Posted by Christopher Case on 4 May 2021

    wanted something a little bit different from what I've been buying for my 75 gallon aquarium

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    Beautiful and Healthy

    Posted by Kit Ellsworth on 27 Feb 2021

    I've bought these from other places as either plants or bulbs and they've always failed to thrive. The other bulbs never grew and the plant died back to nothing before finally re-sprouting probably six months later. I was prepared to wait a while for results but these bulbs sprouted immediately and already look gorgeous. I will definitely be buying more in the future!