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Red Melon Sword (Echinodorus Barthii) - Potted

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Red Melon Sword (Echinodorus Barthii) | Potted

Red Melon Sword, also known as Echinodorus Barthii, produces large and attractive leaves that will exhibit green to golden-red coloration. The stems of the plant will typically be contrasting brown or red.  

Care & Maintenance for Red Melon Sword

Red Melon Sword is an undemanding plant that should do well in most aquarium environments. Like most sword plants, Red Melon Sword will do better when provided with good light, substrate, and fertilization. If planted in an iron-rich substrate or provided with a good source of iron (e.g. Liquid Iron Fertilizer), Red Melon Sword will produce larger leaves and stems which will be more intensely red in color.           

  • Minimum Lighting Required: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 70-82°F
  • Tank Placement: Midground - Background

Red Melon Sword can be used as a focal plant in the aquarium. It should be planted in the midground or background areas of the aquarium. It can also be used to “cover” aquarium equipment such as aquarium heaters or filter intakes. Many fish love to swim among the leaves of this sword plant while others, like Discus Fish and Angelfish, will even lay their eggs on them.

We also offer many other varieties of sword plants, including Amazon Sword, Melon Sword, and Red Flame Sword.

Plants at Modern Aquarium

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