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Red Stem Parrot Feather - Set of 2 Bunches

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Minimum Lighting Required: High

Temperature Range: 64-86°

Tank Placement: Midground/Background

"Disclaimer: Due to local restrictions this plant does not ship to Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine,  Massachusettes, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin"

Reviews (12)

  • 5
    Super cute and pretty!

    Posted by Auna on 14 Sep 2021

    It's been about a week in my dirted tank in the back left area, they have already began to grow, supplementing iron is starting to make little red colors area from the top! They took to the water and environment very well. Beautiful plants! Arrived in great condition, and very clean. The email with the link on how to handle your plants when you receive them is extremely useful. Thank you. P.S. Y'all should add a link to add a photo to reviews. I would love to share, and it would be really helpful to others. Thanks.

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    Parrot feathers

    Posted by Beverly on 25 May 2021

    Loved the plants! They all came in looking really good.

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    Good Addition

    Posted by Curtis Hinton on 3 May 2021

    Fast growing and adjusted to the aquarium in a matter of a couple of days. I like the texture/colors as a variation with other plants.

  • 5

    Posted by chris schmidt on 15 Mar 2021

    Beautiful looking plant!!! When they came in they didnt really have much in the way of roots. But go through the cycle process that is recommended on there websire for new plants and you womt have anything to worry about. These have grown 2-3in in just a weeks time, are look great with the other plants i purchased!

  • 5

    Posted by Armando on 10 Feb 2021

    Really beautiful plant, very healthy and very well packaged.

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    Fantastic Buy

    Posted by Terence J Hulse on 21 Jan 2021

    Each bunch has quite a few trimmings and I bought 2! I love how they almost look like little trees and my shrimp often rest on the "branches". They are very hardy and each one I bought is thriving well.

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    Beautiful Plant

    Posted by Cristian Q on 17 Sep 2020

    This plant came in a timely and orderly fashion and looks great in my tank. The stem isn’t as red as the pictures shows, probably because of shipping but is changing back to red in my tank.

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    The best product

    Posted by Carlos S on 9 Sep 2020

    This plant is beautiful and grow very quickly. All plants I have purchased from ModernAquarium Are always perfect.

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    Red stem parrot feathers

    Posted by Luke on 21 Jul 2020

    This is going to be my go to plant for my tank love the look

  • 5
    More then what I expected

    Posted by Luke on 7 Jul 2020

    Well i should of ordered at least another set they look great

  • 5
    very nice, full of color

    Posted by Unknown on 11 Jun 2020

    very nice, full of color

  • 5
    Awesome plant

    Posted by Micah Issitt on 22 Apr 2020

    Red-stem parrot feather is a staple for me as a pond breeder. The plant grows quickly, is robust and adaptable, and will create a lovely and useful layer of surface vegetation in shallow tanks or ponds that can be extremely useful for keeping fry alive in naturalistic breeding situations. The Modern Aquarium version of the plant arrived healthy, with very little sign of stress, and immediately grew in a low-tech setup. Great buy.